George Michael
Fadi Fawaz
George Michael had dated Fadi Fawaz for six years until his death in December 2016

George Michael's former boyfriend is allegedly struggling to make ends meets following the singer's death. In his latest Twitter rant, Fadi Fawaz claims to be "starving" and unable to afford to buy food and water, suggesting he had been financially supported by the late musician.

Fawaz, an Australian hairdresser, was in a relationship with Michael for six years and found the singer unresponsive on Christmas Day (25 December 2016) at his home in Goring-On-Thames.

In cryptic tweets posted on 8 July, Fawaz seemed to cry out to his late partner, writing: "George I am starving. George I am really hungry."

Two days later, he claimed that "the truth is yet to be told.. not long now... Just the way it happened."

Revealing his current woes, the 44-year-old added: "Then I woke up and there is an article in the daily mail about six months after Georges [death]. Accusing me of wanting the life style I had with my partner who he died on 25 December and having spent six years with him.

"Looked after him in the most loving and respecting way every day of the last six years and on 26 December. Everything stopped and six months later The icon partner still struggle to buy milk and water six months later."

Fawaz then proceeded to refer to himself as "the icon's partner" and slammed earlier allegations that he was involved in Michael's death. He hit back: "The icon partner as well as grieving and being accused of the death of his partner had worry about his next meal. About to drive and I have so little petrol and let you know if I get to my destination or not. The icon partner refused to sell stories worth millions when he was hungry."

The stylist continued: "I loved my partner very much and for six years I looked after him to the point where I lost my friends my life and some of my family. And the truth is I couldn't afford to buy him a flower to put next to his grave or light him Ia candle on his birthday. Lunchtime I didn't sell a story I searched my car for a pound here and a pound there so I could buy my double cheese burger."

It is not known if Fawaz received any money in Michael's will but it was previously claimed the Careless Whisper singer had left his £105m wealth to his godchildren and several of his favourite charities.