Germany's aviation association BDL has announced plans to introduce a two-person cockpit rule on 26 March.

The announcement made by the federation's chief Matthias von Randow, comes after it emerged that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, on the Germanwings A320 flight 4U9525, deliberately crashed the plane after being left alone, reported France24 News.

According to the new policy, two crew members will have to be in the cockpit at all times. Earlier, EasyJet also announced the compulsory two-person cockpit rule.

"EasyJet can confirm that, with effect from tomorrow Friday 27 March, it will change its procedure which will mean that two crew members will be in the cockpit at all times," a spokesperson told IBTimes UK on 26 March.

Germanwings crash motivates solidarity

Meanwhile, locals near the crash site of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 have offered families of the victims everything from accommodation to freshly baked cookies in a wave of solidarity.

"It's important we console the parents and children," said eight-year-old Armelle, who joined her mother and two siblings to deliver cookies to the local centre.

"We know an airplane crashed and there were school children aboard, and it's sad ... We decided to do something," said the young girl.

Local authorities have said they have been inundated with offers of help with the mayor's office claiming they have received several calls with people offering food, lodging and general assistance to the victims' families.

"We're all supportive, naturally," said Charles Lanta, a local resident from Montclar village.

"I even have friends who called me to say, 'Come get the keys to our chalet and you can use it for anyone who needs a room'. We feel very bad for all these people. When 150 people die, 2,000 weep."