Three years ago, the date passed in which the Mayans said that the world was going to end and we have not heard much about it since. Then, in October 2015, a Christian group named eBible Fellowship claimed that the Earth would be "permanently destroyed" that same month. Needless to say, it did not happen. Now, we've got a new date on the cards as to when the apocalypse will happen, and it was predicted to us way before these theories: in the 1989 film, Ghostbusters II.

During the film, Bill Murray's character Dr. Peter Venkman invited two speakers for an special themed episode of his talk show, World Of The Psychic, and one of them mentioned a specific date that is very nearly upon us. According to one of the guests, [fictional] psychic Elaine (played by Chloe Webb), the world will end on the romantic holiday of Valentine's Day this very weekend. So you might want to say goodbye to your loved ones rather than telling them how much you appreciate them, before 14 February arrives this Sunday.

Heck, maybe she could be right. In the sequence, the character tells Venkman that she was told the Earth would have its doomsday on this date by aliens (during her stay at a budget Holiday Inn in Paramus, New Jersey, of all places), and it cannot just be a coincidence that The X-Files have started back up again too and the whole premise of that is the end to humanity too, right? It's all adding up!

Unfortunately, if the world does in fact end this Sunday, we'll never be able to see what Paul Feig's reboot of the well-loved franchise that goes by the same name would be like! We'll agree with Venkman's statement of "bummer" in that instance. But hey, at least film fans will be able to fit in showings of Zoolander 2 and Deadpool before we all meet our demise.

However so far, end of the world predictions have never been successful. In addition to the ones already mentioned, Pope Sylvester II claimed the world would end on 1 January 1000; and Christopher Columbus believed it would all be over in 1656. More recently, evangelical Christians said that Judgement Day would take place on 21 May 2011.

If the apocalypse doesn't happen… Feig's Ghostbusters will reach US and UK cinemas on 15 July, whereas both Zoolander 2 and Deadpool are slated for a 12 February release across the pond so we're safe there.

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