Google doodles have always been filled with lots of creativity, fun and information. The standards have been well maintained this time as well on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day, Google doodle has decided to play on true love. The animated series shows a boy trying to impress a girl, who is skipping, with lots of material gifts. He gifts her teddy bears, flowers, cakes and innumerable gifts but the girl does not get impressed with any of them. Finally, he brings a skipping rope and skips with her. The girl is so happy seeing this that she hugs him. Giving background track to the animated video of the love story is Tony Bennett's rendition of Hank Williams' ballad Cold, Cold Heart. The value of true love is highlighted in the doodle. As the video ends, we are directed to a page carrying the links of Vaentine Day.

Among Google's doodles, the Charlie Chaplin doodle and the one for Halloween's 2011 were quite successful. The first Google doodle was created by Google founders Larry Page and Sergy Brin in 1998 to mark the celebrations of the Burning Man Festival. Google currently has over 1000 doodles.