Tech giant Google has announced it is collaborating with camera-makers GoPro to create a virtual reality (VR) filming system using a multi-camera rig and Google Jump software.

GoPro, whose lightweight, wearable cameras are popular with adventure sports enthusiasts, has created a 16-camera rig designed for shooting 360-degree video for use in VR headsets.

Google will then use its Jump software to transform the raw video shot by the rig into smooth and seamless footage. The videos can then be uploaded to YouTube for viewing on VR headsets, such as Cardboard.

Google's Vice President of Product Management Clay Bavor said: "Jump enables any creator to capture the world in VR video. Video that you can step inside of and make it available to everyone. It has three parts − a camera rig [with] very specialised geometry, an assembler, which turns raw footage into VR video, and a player.

"Today I'm excited to announce that GoPro plans to build and sell a Jump-ready 360-degree camera rig. Now GoPro has enabled people to capture some of the most awesome experiences, including spherical content and they're bringing their camera expertise to the Jump-ready rig, which will include shared camera settings, frame level synchronisation and other features that will allow all 16 cameras to operate as one."

The GoPro system was one of a number of announcements made at the company's developer conference in San Francisco. The search giant also announced contactless payment system Android M, a new Google Photos app offering free and unlimited cloud storage and an offline version of Google Maps offering turn-by-turn navigation.