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And that's it. No Google Glass, No Tango. No Ara. No Chromecast 2. No Nexus devices.....but still lots of interesting announcements.


Sounds like Sundar is wrapping up. If so, there will be a lot of people disappointed.


Google I/O keynote not been going on for almost 2.5 hours. Just in case you forgot....


Quickly onto Project Loon which is a project to help connect the next billion users using balloons which deliver LTE data networks with 4x the area coverage


Pichai back on stage and we're onto driverless cars. Last year there was 33,000 deaths on the US roads. Google things technology can help. One million miles now clocked up by Google's Lexus fleet. Not a single crash caused by those cars.


But where will be able to watch this content? Hushed silence as the audience awaits announcement of Google's very own Oculus Rift.....no, it's available on YouTube. Oh well.


Google Jump - a platform to allow anyone to create VR content using a 16-camera array.

GoPro will launch a Jump-ready 360 degree camera array. Here it is.

GoPro Google Jump
Google Jump is an open platform which will allow anyone create their own 16-rig camera to help create VR content Google


Google Cardboard is great and all, but it's hardly Oculus Rift or HoloLens


Now onto Google VR for eduction. Expeditions lets teachers take their classes to field trips anywhere in the world.

Expeditions comes as a box with Google Cardboard and phones for all the students along with a tablet for teachers. Now seeing a video featuring students using it.


Google Cardboard 2.0 announced to fit phones with screen as large as 6in and with magnet button replaced with a cardboard button. Takes just three steps to assemble. On sale today.

Cardboard SDK now supports iOS as well as Android.

Google cardboard
Google Cardboard Screenshot


One million Google Cardboard units in use around the world


Someone proposed to his girlfriend using Google Cardboard. How does that work?


Google Cardboard was launched last year as a basic VR viewer....and has turned into an entire eco-system apparently.


Finally, here come the VR


Pichai is back to announce the Android Nanodegree, a $200-a-month six-month course that will make you an Android developer.


Google introducing the Family Star to help parents find family-friendly content allowing you browse by age, with filtered search results only showing apps and games. Popular Characters will let you search by certain characters - Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig etc.


Google has seen 50 billion app installs from Play in the last 12 months. That's a lot of apps.


Google Play now using one billion users every single day. Growing twice as quickly in markets like India compared to developed markets.


Just a running list of things not touched on so far

  • Google Glass
  • Chromecast 2
  • "A wearable that will blow your socks off"
  • Project Ara
  • Project Tango
  • VR
  • Robots
  • Space rockets


Google is making it easier for developers without dedicated marketing teams to promote their apps, as well as giving each Android developer their own page to promote their services and apps.


Google now talking about new developer tools and features