Google has clarified that its Pixel and Pixel XL handset production has not been halted despite an erroneous e-mail sent out by Canadian telecom operator Telus.

"We're really excited by the demand for the Pixel XL in Canada. Telus is currently out of stock of the Pixel XL. We're working with our partners to restock inventory across our retail channels and we can confirm that production of the Pixel has not stopped, " the company said in a statement.

The clarification comes days after Mobileaxs, a corporate dealer of Telus products and services sent an e-mail to people who had pre-ordered the Google Pixel XL through the carrier.

"Please be advised that we have received notice today that Google will be ceasing production of their Google Pixel line and we will not be receiving further inventory of this phone," the e-mail read.

The e-mail which was originally posted on Reddit made its way to other social media channel sending the customers into frenzy. And, as Telus removed the Pixel XL from its site people started believing the report even more.

The latest clarification from Google however, clears the air regarding the Pixel production as it is common for handsets high in demand to have low inventory. For carrier models in particular the demand is higher given most telecom giants offer such flagships on finance schemes where the customer does not need to pay the entire amount at once.