GTA 5 Online 1.14 Hipster Update: Hydraulics Mod, Vehicle Mod, Weapon Mod, Rare Modded Cars and Ten Secret Cars Revealed

Rockstar has released the 1.14 I'm Not a Hipster update for GTA 5 and players are now looking for new money glitches that work on it. Previously, we had listed two quick solo glitches that still work with the 1.14 update. In this section, IBTimes UK feature a money glitch that work with the latest patch.

This happens to be one of the quickest glitches that we have seen in a while. It requires players to have a bike and BMX and can be used to rake in some quick cash. Here is how it works.

Start the game, get onto your motorcycle, have a friend hop on as well. Make sure that it is set to passengers only. Park it outside your garage with your friend still on it. Get into your garage, pick up your BMX and drive on out. As the animation sends you out of the garage, hit "Y" as fast as you can and the BMX will vanish.

Now get back on your motorbike with your friend still on it, enter Los Santos Customs and try to sell the bike. Make sure that you hit sale once the orange "saving" circle in the corner finishes spinning. Watch the video below for more instructions.

It appears as though Rockstar has slowed down with patching glitches up on GTA 5 as many of the money glitches that we saw on update 1.13 are still working.