Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals seven new Lowrider cars as well as the most-likely release dates for the highly-anticipated Festive Surprise 3.0 aka Christmas DLC release for GTA 5, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. The leaked list of Lowrider DLC cars includes Faction3, Minivan2, SabreGT2, SlanVan3, Tornado5, Virgo2 and Virgo3.

According to prolific GTA tipster, Funmw2 aka @TezFunz2, the forthcoming DLC will be released as part of the Christmas update along the lines of Lowriders DLC which included necessary game content for the Halloween update. The tipster also suggests the idea of adding a new Slasher adversary mode in North Yankton with the release of Lowriders 2 aka Christmas update.

Rockstar is expected to turn on the Tunables feature for unlocking the hidden content for the next DLC sometime after releasing the second instalment of Lowiders update. In other words, we could see the integration of two DLCs into one update as was the case with Halloween game files being included with the Lowrider DLC.

Moving on to the most probable release dates for the Lowriders 2 update, Ross hints at an early or mid-December release. The Festive Surprise 3.0 aka Christmas DLC is expected to release soon after the second DLC release for Lowriders, which is likely to introduce a couple of new cars, masks and T-Shirts along with a bunch of new feature additions such as Snow, Christmas tree and tunable or customisable apartments in GTA Online.

Ross concludes that Rockstar will not only save time and resources by merging two DLCs into one, it will also enable the game maker to unleash more DLC content in short time and with lesser effort.