GTA 5 DLC: CJ aka Carl Johnson to Star in City Stories DLC
GTA 5 DLC: CJ aka Carl Johnson to Star in City Stories DLC

Rockstar Games recently purchased a brand new trademark called 'GTA: City Stories,' which has sparked off widespread speculation about the upcoming GTA 5 story mode DLC.

According to GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive, the story mode DLC could be based on the City Stories concept and star CJ aka Carl Johnson as its protagonist.

This theory is further strengthened by the belief that Rockstar would feature CJ as part of the story mode DLC in order to explain the events that took place after GTA: San Andreas. Besides, another DLC linking the events of GTA 4 with a detailed explanation on how the game moved on to Los Santos in GTA5.

Another discerning GTA 5 tipster, MrBossFTW, also describes the possibility of older GTA characters featuring in the upcoming story mode DLCs.

As we already know Franklin's character in GTA 5 is played by someone called Shawn Fonteno, who is nicknamed 'Solo.'

As the tipster reveals, Shawn's cousin is Young Maylay who stars as the protagonist Carl Johnson (CJ) in GTA: San Andreas.

The two guys, Maylay and Fonteno, reportedly share a good relationship with Rockstar and are likely to get more appearances in the upcoming sequels in the Grand Theft Auto series including story mode DLCs.

Furthermore, Shawn has reportedly revealed that he is working on an unnamed GTA project with Maylay. However, there has been no word about further developments on the project following the GTA 5 release and the Comic Con event.

As the tipster notes, unlike the actor that played Niko Bellic in GTA 4 who apparently spoiled his relations with Rockstar for some reason, Maylay and Fonteno continue to enjoy great camaraderie with each other as well as with Rockstar.

Since the game setting in the speculated GTA 5 DLC spans 20 years after the events of San Andreas which took place in the 90's, we could expect CJ to be a mentor to Franklin in the new story.

Given the fact that GTA 5 does not introduce us to the background details of Franklin such as how he evolved or made his way to Los Santos, this could actually be covered in the DLC.

With Rockstar doing its best to keep its loyal fans engaged with new content such as the recently released High-Life update and the highly-anticipated Heists DLC, the possibility of seeing more story mode DLCs in the future, cannot be ruled out.