GTA 5 single-player mode has long been overshadowed by the popularity of GTA Online, which has often driven away Rockstar's developmental efforts including DLC releases towards the latter. However, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has raised some hopes of seeing a new single-player DLC for GTA 5 based on some Liberty City game locales in near future.

Ross has also discussed a bunch of probable DLC releases ahead of the Christmas Day including Lowriders 2.0 DLC and Festive Surprise 3.0 update, besides the new Liberty City DLC for GTA 5. The leaked info about forthcoming DLC releases comes from prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 aka Tezfunz2, who has a consistent and reliable track-record of predicting multiple DLC releases with precision in the past.

The first of the two tweets from Funmw2 reveals a leaked text file pertaining to the Executives and Other Criminals DLC, wherein we can find a piece of code concerning the dancing activity which is expected to be part of some single-player DLC. All such leaks including the current one seem to invariably point to the Bahama Mamas Night Club, which reportedly has a secret entrance that can be unlocked using an in-game glitch.

As Ross explains, we might yet again see a dedicated DLC release based on night clubs or disco clubs along the lines of Ballad of Gay Tony in GTA 4. However, it is still unclear if this would be released as a side mission or a full-fledged standalone DLC like the one in GTA 4.

The second tweet from Funmw2 hints at Festive Surprise 3.0, Lowriders part 3 and Liberty City as the most probable DLCs in the release lineup ahead of Christmas. To sum it up, the Festive Surprise 3.0 is likely to come out on the eve of Christmas, while the Lowriders part 2 could be pushed back to the end of January or early February.

Coming back to Liberty City DLC, the tipster clarifies to a fan that he is actually referring to the game location and not just the textures found in the files. This could actually mean that Rockstar's recent release of Liberty City stories for mobile phones and the game's secret unlockable T-Shirt reading: "I love Liberty City", may have something to do with Rockstar's plans for releasing a single-player DLC in GTA 5 for current-gen gaming platforms.

Contrary to the general notion that adding Liberty City map into GTA 5 or GTA Online could be a major challenge for Rockstar, Funmw2 says it is easier to update Liberty City and transfer it into GTA 5. To further strengthen his claim, here is what the tipster had to say:

GTA V is based of GTA IV since they use the same game engine. They don't have to transfer the whole city, they can take a part of it and update it. Anyway I assume it's coming with SP DLC.

Because from what I saw, they are going to re-create how the map is loaded with SP DLC. Creating new versions of existing scripts. With every update, you can also see them taking stuff from previous games that use RAGE engine and update it to transfer it into GTA V. Example: The Heist yacht (Max Payne 3), most of the DLC vehicles are from GTA IV.

The tipster also clarifies that the current DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, has actually been developed from the game code that existed in 2014 and it does not feature entirely new content as it was already there in the files. In other words, we could expect a similar thing happening with the forthcoming single-player DLC.

Rockstar is likely to add more game-changing features in the near future along the lines of introducing the new Super Yacht, stilt houses and customisable mansions in GTA Online. Ross sums it up saying that the delay in the release of single-player DLCs could actually hint at better game content for GTA 5 in the near future.