GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals DLC
Super Yacht upgrades and customisations in GTA Online have been revealed Rockstar Games

Popular YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) walks us through the possible customisations and upgrades for the Super Yacht, which will be introduced as part of the forthcoming DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, in GTA Online. According to a recent post on Rockstar's Newswire, the Super Yacht will feature missile defense weapon systems, besides other customisation upgrades including the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft.

In addition to the two vehicle upgrades, the yacht will feature a hot-tub to one end of its hull with support for up to six people. Moving on to the control room, we can see the captain who has access to the engine and radar controls of the yacht.

One can see the radar with the map just behind the captain's control room in the trailer video (above) with a box marker, which reveals the current location of the boat. Besides, the captain will have exclusive access to locking on missile defense systems on approaching enemy targets within the vicinity of the Super Yacht.

Not to mention, you will get access to a personal bartender who will serve alcoholic beverages on board. However, it is not clear if this will part of an upgrade or readily available once you purchase the boat.

Once you attain the VIP status after heading an organisation with the purchase of your own Super Yacht, you will be eligible to hire your friends as personal bodyguards. You can also choose who will have access to enter your yacht and defend it from rivals who are eager to takeover the vessel for a free ride.