GTA 5: Ill-Gotten Gains DLC
GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains DLC: Hidden features and secrets in 1.27 Patch update revealed Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed some intriguing details pertaining to the hidden features and secrets found in 1.27 Patch for GTA Online via his latest gameplay videos that have been broken down into two parts.

As MrBossFTW admits in his latest video, Rockstar Games has come up with some massive gameplay changes with the 1.27 patch update that restricts gamers from duplicating more than the specified number of cars in a single game day in GTA 5.

This new restriction overrides the 48-minute car duplication glitch in GTA 5 and permits any gamer to replicate the car six or more times and sell them at the Los Santos Customs shop, before the warning message shows up on the game screen saying that you have exceeded the specified limit for selling cars on that day.

In related news, prolific GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 (aka TezFunz) has tweeted about another key change that has been added to the new 1.27 update pertaining to the money glitches, wherein Rockstar now has access to new stats related to selling vehicles that tracks people who are using various glitches for selling unlimited number of duplicated vehicles at LSC.

The tipster also cautions gamers that using glitches for selling unlimited number of duplicated vehicles might get them banned from GTA Online at some point in the future.

Coming to new car customisation options, the Insurgent is now All Wheel Drive (AWD), unlike the Front Wheel Drive mechanism we had seen earlier (before the 1.27 update) with this car.

The YouTuber adds blowing up or completely wrecking your Pegassi Osiris will cost you $25,000 as opposed to just $9,000 for the Adder.

So, for instance if you mischievously blew up someone's Osiris car in GTA Online, you might end up paying the insurance company a hefty bill of $25,000 for damage and repair costs.

It is ascertained that the new 1.27 update has further glitched or bugged up all the graphics design on the Weazel News van, which is touted to be a texture glitch or bug that Rockstar is currently working on for a fix.

There is also a new change introduced with the distance marker on the map for GTA 5, wherein it indicates the distance in Km for all gamers in the UK and the rest of the world, while in the US it is represented in miles (m).

Finally, another key change imparted in GTA Online with the advent of 1.27 update is that the Police Station in Downtown Vinewood has been closed.

Moving on to MrBossFTW's second instalment (part 2) of the Hidden features and secrets for GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, there are a number of interesting features added to the game such as the ability to blow off the gull-wing doors on the Pegassi Osiris, and the ability to spawn Hydra at the helipad.

Thanks to Rockstar's newly implemented ultra-cool feature, the Jet VTOL system, which allows gamers to take off conveniently from any location or helipad without the need for a long runway.

The Hydra jetplane is now conveniently available at the Vinewood dock, which also features homing or auto-lock-on missiles that can send all land vehicles scurrying for cover, as the Hydra presents you the devastating power of taking out an entire convoy in a single shot.

The earlier version of the Hydra needed manual targeting and an airport runway for take-off and landing. With the dual power of Jet VTOL and homing missiles, the Hydra simply looks ominous and over-powering with the advent of the 1.27 update for GTA Online.

In addition, it is ascertained that the Armoured Kuruma from the Heists update is now more bullet-proof than before, as the windows on the sides are more resistant to Sniper Rifle fire and it now seems virtually impenetrable with bullets as the windshield already had a heavy armour casing on it.

Given its reasonable price ($525,000), the Karin Kuruma is now definitely a great choice for Heist missions with its all-round bullet-proof armour.

The Lampadati Casco ($680,000) can now be ordered directly as topless variants in GTA Online due to some inherent glitch, as earlier such a feat was possible only through modded cars.

Gamers are encouraged to make use of this opportunity to grab a topless variant of Casco now, as Rockstar is likely to hot-patch this glitch in the next few days.

The body armour that you wear is now visible after you purchase or upgrade your existing one at the AmmuNation store in GTA Online and it is not going to disappear in your clothing or suit.

You can also enjoy a rich collection of brand-new T-shirts at one of the clothing stores like the Suburban in GTA Online, as some of these were missing from the GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 1) weekend event playlist.

If you are still sceptical, check out Ross' gameplay video below: