Veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shared some exciting information regarding the leaked Apartment Customisation DLC game-modes in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. This info comes from prolific GTA tipster, Funmw2 aka TezFunz2, who has recently tweeted about a bunch of new events being featured on Rockstar Social Club event playlist.

The three new events being added to the recent event playlist include Every Bullet Counts, Extraction and Beast vs Slasher. According to an earlier post by Funmw2, the event - 'Every Bullet Counts' is an Adversary Mode, which was introduced into the game files at the same time when Rockstar added the Running Back mode to GTA Online.

As Ross explains, the Every Bullet Counts event mode has been created using the mini-game format similar to 'One in the Chamber' in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops 2.

Moving on to the other two event modes, the Beast vs Slasher mode will be a one-on-one Adversary Mode wherein two participating players fight to death in a free-style event. However, there is no word on the type of weapons or combat-style or vehicles that can be used in this mode.

Finally, the Extraction mode sounds similar to the Cops N Crooks gameplay mode wherein one team tries to secure the target being held hostage by another team. One team could assume the role of cops while the other team works together as a band of crooks.

Responding to a recent fan query, Funmw2 has clarified that all these three modes will be part of the upcoming Event Weekend playlist. It is still not clear if all three of them will be part of Adversary Mode, although Every Bullet Counts is confirmed by Funmw2 to be an Adversary Mode.

In response to another fan query on GTAForums, Funmw2 explains that "Extraction is probably a protection vs mission. One team has to kill an unarmed player and one team has to protect the target and bring him to a secure location."

Furthermore, the tipster clarifies: "it has something to do with the Apartments update." However, it is still uncertain if Rockstar would be releasing it as part of next DLC for GTA Online.

The latest DLC leak adds more credence to the speculation that Lowrider 2.0 and Extraction could actually be a part of Festive Surprise 3 release for the Christmas holidays.