GTA Online: Halloween DLC
GTA 5 Halloween DLC: Car prices, city blackout and gameplay actions revealed YouTube

Avid GTA gamers are in for some exciting news as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has disclosed some intriguing gameplay details pertaining to Halloween DLC for GTA Online. The leaked details include car prices, gameplay info about total city blackout and the unlockable flashlight feature on all those guns, which have the upgrade installed.

GTA Online: Halloween DLC
Leaked game code pertaining to upcoming Halloween DLC's car prices TransmetTeam via Twitter

With due credit to GTA specialists and tipsters (Yan2295, TezFunz2, Rockstar Games Funz and TransmetTeam), Dom has confirmed the prices for the forthcoming DLC cars which was posted earlier on Twitter. The first of the lot is the Lurcher, which carries a unique price-tag of $666,666, and the second is the Btype2 with a price-tag of $540,000.

As Dom notes, Rockstar seems to be playing its number game, as the price-tag of these cars seem to be linked with the DLC's release date. It is reported that the Liberator, was also priced in a similar budget, and the numbers in the price-tag were linked to its release date.

Dom, further explained that these vehicles will be customisable with the ability to add hydraulics, decals and custom accessories along the lines of recently released Lowriders DLC. Prospective car modders in GTA Online are advised to save some of their hard-earned money for customising these unique vehicles to the hilt.

TezFunz's recent tweet also confirms the debut of the flashlight feature on your in-game weapons, as Halloween jobs will introduce the City Blackout gameplay feature for the first time in GTA Online. Rockstar seems to have hidden some secret game code in DLC files, pertaining to timecycle modifier called "NoPedLight", for the highly-rumoured Halloween DLC.

With the lack of street lights and car lights, and the addition of breathing sounds for player controlled characters, the Halloween DLC looks all set to take the game to a terrifying new level and freak out fickle-minded gamers. Also, expect two new gesture actions, "Freakout" and "Thumb in the ear", being added to the gameplay with the release of Halloween DLC.

If you are still sceptic, check out Dom's gameplay video posted below: