GTA Online: Lowriders DLC
Lowriders DLC Voodoo and Faction customisation guide, Halloween custom paint jobs revealed Rockstar Games

GTA fans and car customisation fanatics are in for some exciting news. Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) walks us through a comprehensive Voodoo and Faction customisation guide along with some stunning Halloween custom paint jobs for Lowrider cars in GTA Online. In other words, Dom explains an intuitive way of customising low-end classic muscle cars to the hilt, if you can spend close to half a million in-game cash.

If you are short on in-game cash, you could buy an extremely cheap car for customising from Benny's Original Motor Works website in GTA Online. Here is how you do it:

Open Benny's website on your in-game phone's menu, tap on Stock and then scroll down to select Declasse Voodoo for just $5,500.

Then drive your car to Benny's workshop/garage to install the Voodoo and faction custom upgrades, wherein the former upgrade will cost you a whopping $300,000. Moving on to the hydraulics, you need to install the Quad Pumps (V-pattern) to boost "bounce" or "jumping" capability of your car, when hydraulics is turned on for a Lowrider showdown.

The bounce height of the car will invariably depend on how powerful the installed quad pumps are. So, you may want to experiment with various types of hydraulics to get the best hardware for your style of gameplay.

Once you are done with the hydraulics, you can customize the interiors or faction of your car, which will determine the looks of your car. You can fiddle with the various custom options to change the colours, texture and design of interiors including steering wheel, gear-shift pulley, console, dials, rooftops, car stereo system and in-built bob-heads/idols. You can also add plaques or decals to give some personal touch to your most-esteemed car.

Check out the body colour customisation tips for a perfect Halloween custom paint job on your Lowrider car, in Dom's new gameplay video below: