GTA Online: Lowriders DLC
GTA 5 Online Lowriders DLC: Hydraulics, secret and hidden features explained Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has just shared a comprehensive video guide for GTA 5 Lowriders DLC, explaining avid GTA gamers how to use hydraulics as well as various secret/hidden features that are part of the new DLC for GTA Online. Dom also highlights the use of added features for the in-game interaction menu, which allows gamers to remotely open their car's doors based on preference.

For instance, you can choose to open all the doors at once or just open the front, back, hood or trunk door individually. To accomplish this, just fire up the in-game interaction menu and then scroll down to select the Vehicle Doors option. From here you can choose the various options as explained earlier.

If you are keen to exhibit your newly installed car accessories in a crew car show, then you can selectively customise each of the accessory options such as neon-light underglow, headlights, sound speaker system, radio (switch channels remotely), and engine. You can choose to either turn them on or off from the player's in-game interaction menu via Vehicle Remote Functions feature.

Avid GTA gamers are cautioned not to drive their cars with hood, side doors and trunk open, as it could result in massive damage to doors and force them to break off. Coming to the hydraulics feature, you need to hold X to turn on hydraulics and releasing the button will disable it. Alternating the hold and release pattern will bounce your car up and down.

You can hold the Up arrow key on the D-pad along with the X button to force the back end to go up, and then hold the Down arrow key with X button to make the front go up. Alternatively, if you double tap Up arrow key or Down arrow key while holding X, you can make the car jump up and down.

You can also try tapping the left and right arrow keys while holding the X key to force the car to tilt sideways or jump sideways. If you are still sceptical about the various crazy lowrider moves that you can accomplish using these key combinations, then you may check out Dom's exquisite gameplay video below.