GTA 5: How to Make Billions of $GTA in Minutes

Rockstar Games has been constantly patching up numerous glitches and bugs as part of regular title updates while players are trying to exploit these bugs for quick money and Reputation Points (RP) in GTA 5.

It seems, despite Rockstar's efforts at controlling the game's economy; discerning gamers have found new avenues to make quick money in just a matter of minutes.

One such GTA 5 gamer, PrestigeIsKey, has shared his experience in exploiting the stock market shares for making billions of $GTA in a short time.

For those who are still wondering, here is how you become a quick billionaire using some known exploits with the stock market and Lester's assassination missions:

  • To get this right, you need to complete and save Lester's assassination mission until the very end of the game or after you complete the final heist mission. This will give you enough money for your investment in stock market.
  • Note: This method will help you earn more money than any of the methods used with robbing banks in story mode. It is the easiest way to multiply your money to make millions and then eventually get into the $billion mark.
  • Just before Lester sends you to the final assassination missions you must invest all your hard-earned money on GoldCoast (GCD) stocks.
  • The catch here is you have got to murder the developer from the competitor company in Lester's assassination mission and lay low until further notice from Lester.
  • After completing the Construction Assassination mission, you will earn $10,000. Then you can pull up your phone and check for the stock market value on GSD stocks.
  • You should see that it has started rising again within minutes after you finished the assassination mission.
  • You may come back and check after doing another couple of missions and see that the GSD stock value is soaring even higher. It should be reflecting almost $10m up in the green at this time.
  • If you want to make more profits in quicker time, then go to your house and take rest in the bed by sleeping for 6 to 8 hours.

  • Once you wake up, the time progresses by 8 hours and you can keep repeating this process infinitely to fast forward the time in GTA 5.
  • After you have spent a couple of days sleeping in bed, go back and check your GSD stock value.
  • This method works for all seven or eight Lester missions and you could become a quick billionaire if you did this right on all missions (buying stocks before and selling them after the mission is complete).

For further assistance, watch the video below: