Rockstar has just rolled out the official GTA 5 next-gen launch trailer, while discerning GTA gamers and YouTubers have dug up interesting details about the PS4 gameplay breakdown including New Pets, Animals and More.

One such discerning YouTuber, DomisLive (aka Dom), has shed more light on the PS4 gameplay breakdown, which is based on Rockstar's newly released official gameplay launch trailer (see below) for GTA 5 next-gen.

As Dom notes, any eagle-eyed gamer would observe a cute little fluffy dog sitting beside two onlookers down some roadside footpath in Los Santos.

The two men depicted in the trailer seem to be enjoying some fresh air at dawn with their little fluffy dog, while watching oncoming traffic on the road, across the open streets of Los Santos.

If you observe closely, you will notice another fluffy pet dog walking down the road and crossing the signal intersection alongside a lady, in the mid-part of the trailer.

Further into the trailer, you will notice a bunch of rats scurrying across the narrow street lanes in downtown slum areas of Los Santos.

There is also a hint of cats walking the streets, as you will barely notice a fat cat walking by the side of some garbage bin down the gang hideouts in Los Santos.

In the same frame, you will also notice new car customisation options such as Neon lights flashing underneath some car, which is passing by some narrow street lanes in Los Santos.

Further up in the trailer, you will notice the much-hyped reloading animation with guns, wherein you will see the sliding effect of the weapon.

Another key aspect in the trailer hints at Mature or 17+ ESRB rating for GTA 5 next-gen, which is unlike the current-gen that says 18+ rating.

However, the new rating alone does not seem to change anything in terms of gore, violence or sexual content in the game.

Check out the rich feature additions and graphics enhancements introduced into the re-mastered edition of GTA 5 for next-gen in the gameplay video below: