GTA 5: Unlimited Money via New Car Duplication Glitch in 1.11 Patch [VIDEO]

Discerning GTA 5 gamers have yet again unearthed a new unlimited money glitch via car duplication exploit in 1.11 Patch. The new money glitch involves the use of a Pegasus vehicle in conjunction with Karin Rebel from

Earlier, Rockstar Games released the 1.11 title update with a host of bug-fixes to patch up several key exploits including unlimited money and car duplication glitches. However, a couple of money and RP glitches still exist from the previous update.

IBTimes UK explores the fastest way to make millions of $GTA and get rich with unlimited money via new car duplication exploit in 1.11 Patch (title update). Here is how you do it:

  • · Get out of your garage and the unlimited money glitch should work regardless of your location of the map.
  • · Now take out your in-game phone and call any Pegasus vehicle (a tank, a mule or stretch). Tip: A stretch is recommended as it spawns the closest and it is the fastest among Pegasus vehicles.
  • Drive to the vehicle that you just called from Pegasus. Enter the Pegasus vehicle and drive it back to your garage.
  • Now park the vehicle right into the left side of your garage door entrance (just making sure that the entrance is partially blocked).
  • Get out of the car and when you try walking into the garage, an animation pops up and the garage door does not open. But, you will end up getting inside the garage, with the door still closed.
  • Once inside the garage enter into the most expensive car (preferably a super-sports car like Entity EF or Adder) that you wish to sell. Drive the car outside.
  • After you have exited the garage, the car should spawn at a nearby location in front of the garage (ideally on the road).
  • Now pull out your in-game phone again. Call up Mars Mutual Insurance and request for a replacement by paying for the insured amount. NOTE: If the insurance company does not respond, then log off from the online mode and re-enter with an invite only session to make the glitch work.
  • Your car is now duplicated in the garage. Drive your original car to Los Santos customs and sell it for some quick bucks.
  • Before entering the LS customs shop, pull out your in-game phone. Go to internet and browse to
  • Browse and purchase the Karin Rebel for GTA $3000. Now call up your mechanic via in-game phone and request for the delivery of Rebel car you just bought.
  • Once the Rebel car appears on your in-game map, you are all set to sell the super-sports car at LS customs.
  • Drive the car inside the LS customs shop and sell it. Tip: Ensure that you do not damage or trash your car on the way to LS customs. Otherwise, you will end up getting paid less than its actual price.
  • Find another car or locate your Rebel car and drive it back to your garage.
  • You will find the duplicated super-ports car at the same place where your original car was parked earlier inside the garage.

Rinse and repeat the process to become a quick billionaire in GTA 5 online mode.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below: