Prospective GTA 5 Next-Gen gamers are in for a treat, as renowned YouTuber, DomisLive aka Dom, has revealed 18 new leaked secrets pertaining to First Person Mode, Neon under-glow customisation and more for the upcoming re-mastered edition of the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The leaked information pertaining to the gameplay elements for GTA 5 next-gen has been posted on Reddit by a user named EzzoMahfouz, which have been later confirmed by gamers with access to the developer or pre-release version of GTA 5 next-gen.

Here is the complete list of leaked gameplay features for GTA 5 next-gen that have been reportedly confirmed to be true by the Reddit user:

  1. Neon Kits which allow you to attach neon underglowers to your car.
  2. New B/O button cinematics.
  3. Kenny Loggin's infamous Danger Zone has been added to the radio station that he already hosts, Los Santos Rock Radio.
  4. The vehicles that came out with the DLCs are back and spawn regularly parked or driven by NPCs.
  5. The game menu (where the map and settings are) has a completely different font. (Personally, not fond of)
  6. Wearing tinted sunglasses in FP changes the color of vision to the color of the tint. (Helmet visors too)
  7. [THIS ONE'S BIG] New character spawn actions/incidents. I played GTA V almost everyday since it came out and never saw the one in the livestream.
  8. Here's a list containing some of the new songs (click here).
  9. Protagonists now have Personal Vehicle Icon on the minimap just like GTA Online.
  10. The game map has a different look in the menu. As if it's morphing with GTA IV's map. The minimap edges have been cut to add some minimalistic translucency to it.
  11. Until now, the only new textures I noticed are for : Sand, Grass (Obviously) Rock, Asphalt, Cars (If classic or metallic, a bit reflective now), Guns (Also, obviously). These are the ones I noticed. {FYI, TEXTURES AREN'T THE SAME AS GRAPHICS}.
  12. It's official that getting projectile-d out of your car through the windshield in FP is breathtaking.
  13. The Dukes, Stallion and Blista Compact are back.
  14. New protagonist when-idle animations.
  15. Improved vehicle damage.
  16. Field of View/ Focus effect added.
  17. Protagonists' phones are given some touches in their designs.
  18. New highway billboards for those who enjoy marketing.