Rockstar Games has officially confirmed via Newswire that the highly-anticipated Heists DLC will be the first GTA Online update coming after the release of GTA 5 Next-Gen for PS4 and Xbox One, in the next few days.

GTA 5 Online: Heist DLC Release Confirmed for 1.18 Patch, New Leaked Radio Stations for GTA 5 Next-Gen
Rockstar Games

Here is what Rockstar has to say while breaking the news for Heist DLC release along with the GTA Online census info as illustrated in the screenshot above:

We know you're all excited for more Updates to come and we've got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One. We'll have some details on that very soon as well.

What This Means to Avid GTA 5 Gamers?

With just three days left for the highly-anticipated release of GTA 5 Next-Gen, it is almost certain that the Heists DLC will be part of the upcoming 1.18 title update for GTA Online, as hinted by Rockstar in its recent Newswire update.

In related news, discerning YouTuber Domislive (aka Dom) has shed some light on the freshly leaked Radio Station Music for GTA 5 Next-Gen.

As Dom notes, Rockstar recently updated its list of Radio Stations for GTA 5 Next-Gen with a bunch of new music channels, which are as follows:

  • Radio Los Santos
  • Space 103.2
  • West Coast Classics
  • Los Santos Rock Radio
  • The Lowdown 91.1
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM
  • WorldWide FM
  • Fly-Low FM

Check out the complete list of songs for each of these new music channels in the video below: