GTA 5 Online 1.13 High-Life Update: New Mental State, Bonus RP and Matchmaking Tips Revealed
GTA 5 Online 1.13 High-Life Update: New Mental State, Bonus RP and Matchmaking Tips Revealed

Rockstar recently rolled out the 1.13 High-Life update with a bunch of new gameplay elements including player's mental state stats, Bonus RP and matchmaking capabilities in GTA Online.

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, Typical Gamer, has shared a few vital tips and tricks to make the most out of new player mental state and matchmaking concept introduced to GTA Online.

The tipster reveals a nifty little trick to increase or decrease the mental state and how exactly it affects gameplay as well as the matchmaking concept.

This new concept of mental state has apparently changed the way GTA 5 is played online with white dotted players taking on the red dots and vice-versa.

As noted by the tipster, the white dots get bonus RP for killing the red dots, while the latter try to survive the attack for a later fight back.

What Is Mental State Stats and How It Affects Players

  • Mental State statistics is actually an indicator for players' behaviour and reveals how aggressive a player is in GTA Online.
  • Tip #1: One can check their current mental state stats by holding the D-Pad or choosing stats from the Start Menu.
  • The longer the meter bar is filled up, it suggests the more aggressive that player is and vice-versa. The trick is to get your mental state stats bar to the bare minimum or zero.
  • The other way to indicate a player's mental state is through the red and white dots on the radar or the mini map in the game.
  • One can increase their mental state stats by killing an NPC such as a police officer or even an innocent civilian just walking by the street or by blowing up a vehicle.
  • The amount by which your mental state increases depends on whether you are already rated aggressive (red dot) or still a normal friendly player (white dot).
  • As you progress in your game killing more and more rival players online, your mental stats meter goes up. The transition starts with white dot and becomes pink as you get more aggressive, and finally ends up with red dot (puts rival players on high alert) as you become extremely dangerous with an unstoppable killing spree.
  • As the player identification colour changes to red, the player is regarded as a psycho and the bounties will change to a skull icon on the map.
  • The mental state of the player determines the concept of matchmaking, as you eventually end up playing with group of players who are like minded. For instance, you could only join the red group if you are tagged red and vice-versa.
  • Quite surprisingly, if a white dot kills a red dot, it does not increase their mental state at all, while also receiving some bonus RP for the kill.
  • Besides, killing a cop fills the mental state meter much quicker than just killing an innocent player. However, the change is incremental and takes a lot of time to actually fill your mental state meter completely.
  • Tip #2: In case you end up being a red dot psycho and want to revert back to normal (white dot) status, just avoid violence and killing for the next 48 minutes and your mental state meter will be reset to zero.
  • Furthermore, killing your friends or crew members will barely have any effect on the mental state meter. So, that should be some fun...

The concept of mental state meter is to reward players who play by the law and punish those who repeatedly violate the law with high-criminal rating in the game.

On the contrary, an individual's crime rating or mental state meter does not affect his crew members or friends playing with him online. For instance, there may be just one red dot player in an entire crew wherein his co-players are still white dots.