Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive, has shed some light on the possible release dates for the highly-anticipated Heist DLC for GTA Online, following the release of High-Life update on 13 May which is in line with our earlier prediction.

Meanwhile, we already know that the High-Life DLC will release on 13 May which is a Tuesday. So, it is unlikely that Rockstar will release the Heists DLC on the same day as its release is not yet announced by the game developer.

Considering Rockstar's consistent track record of releasing all its major title updates and DLCs on Tuesdays, it is likely that the Heists DLC will be released in the next few weeks.

With Rockstar sticking to its normal release pattern (once a month) for its major updates or DLCs (Patch 1.08 on 17/18 December, 1.09 on 11 January, 1.10 on 13 February, 1.11 on 4 March, and finally 1.12 on 8 April), it is unlikely that the Heists DLC will release in May as the High-Life DLC is releasing on 13 May.

Some tipsters have hinted that Rockstar might release the Heists DLC on 27 May, which is the same day Ubisoft is scheduled to release its hottest game title of the year, Watch Dogs.

However, this seems highly unlikely as it will be a tricky move in trying to bring back gamers to GTA 5. Besides, it leaves very little time for the game developers to fix inherent bugs and fine tune the game content for a hassle-free experience for GTA Online gamers.

As predicted in an earlier speculation, Rockstar is likely to push the Heists DLC release to June which falls neatly within its spring deadline.

So, the next possible release dates for Heists would be 3 June or 10 June which fall on Tuesday as it gives GTA Online gamers ample time to spend with the High-Life DLC before moving on to the Heists.

The tipster also reveals his plans of putting up an extensive apartment and garage tour in a YouTube video to help gamers make the most of the High-Life update which is scheduled for an official release on Tuesday.

GTA Online gamers are advised to sell off their unused cars to make way for three brand new super cars that will be part of the High-Life update. Just drive off the cars you don't want to the Los Santos Customs and earn some decent money while also saving some space to store the latest super cars from the High-Life DLC.

Watch the video below to know more about the High-Life update plans including tips about buying the apartments and garages that suit your needs, while also checking out the giveaway offers from the tipster.