Fresh details of Heist DLC interface have been making waves on the internet, as discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has revealed some interesting news about the latest leak pertaining to Heist DLC Menu in his newest YouTube video.

As Dom notes in his video, one of his YouTube subscribers has reportedly tweeted him a leaked image depicting the Heist DLC Menu for GTA 5 in action.

Urging his loyal followers and avid GTA 5 fans to send him any leaked info they come across about the upcoming DLC releases, Dom assures the GTA community that he will surely help them in their quest to determine if the leak is real or fake.

The first leaked image pertaining to Heist DLC menu clearly shows a character standing right in front of the ledge Heist printer, which apparently allows gamers to save their game progress as well as use some special commands or perks such as Locate a Boat, Locate a Helicopter, Locate a Plane, Cops Turn Blind Eye and Request Heist Job.

According to the leaked infographic, each of these special requests will cost the player a fixed sum of money, which will be deducted from the player's in-game bank account.

Dom believes that the first leaked image pertaining to Heist DLC menu is a complete fake, as the creator of this image has apparently played smart by not placing the cursor or selecting the option 'Request Heist Job' to hide its fake description.

The second leaked image for Heist DLC reads: "To request a Heist Job, contact Lester."

Once again Dom says the second image is also a fake, as he explains the fact that one can see such a message only when a player is doing a job or a mission in GTA Online.

Dom further strengthens his argument that these images are fake by pointing out the radar to the left of the character shown in the second image, wherein players participating in a lobby are marked with blips on the in-game mini map.

In other words, it means the player who took this screenshot has faked it while being in a lobby and not during a mission.

The YouTuber concludes that these leaked images are part of the trickery to deceive aspiring GTA Online players who are eager to get their hands on Heists, ahead of its official release.