Rockstar Games has patched up numerous glitches in GTA Online, including the highly sought-after unlimited money and RP glitches with the release of 1.17 update for GTA 5.

Nevertheless, discerning gamers and YouTubers have been constantly unearthing new ways of making unlimited money and RP using inherent loopholes in the game such as user-created money and RP farming missions.

One such discerning YouTuber, Nasty, walks us through the process of making quick money through simple online missions such as Potshot via PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Here is how you do it:

  • Launch GTA Online and choose Online > Playlists > My Bookmarked Playlists and select Potshot mission. Download the mission from the following links if it is not yet installed on your console.

a) PS3 Link (x16):

b) Xbox Link (x16):

  • Launch the Potshot mission and wait for the job to load up on your screen.
  • Now get into a vehicle and proceed to the bridge (see video) where two gangsters are guarding it.
  • Take out the two guards with a sniper and wait for the van to arrive at the bridge.
  • Now take out the driver with a minigun or machinegun before he tries to run over you.
  • Then steal the van and drive it to Trevor's trailer at the designated location on the map. Park it at the specified marker location.
  • Once you have delivered the vehicle at the ear-marked location, you will earn a decent sum of money ($7310), 1555RP points and 15+ job points (JP).

Another money minting mission known as Holed Up – Burton can be unlocked as part of Martin's missions in GTA Online. This mission can be accessed by players who are ranked 50 and above with a maximum cap of 4 players to participate in the mission.

Note: You can join this mission by requesting an invite from your friend in GTA Online if it is not installed or is inaccessible on your console for some reason. Alternatively, give a call to Lester or Simian to initiate the mission manually.

Your job in this mission is to get to the designated apartment building and take out the rival gang which is standing guard at the parking lot.

Once you have killed all the guards you can collect the cash lying on the ground and escort Burton back to Madrazo's house.

At the end of this mission, you can collect $16800, 15+ JP and 2810RP.

In related news, another renowned YouTuber ExtremeGamingVideos has revealed a smart way to exploit unlimited money glitch by swapping your playable characters and transferring money from one character to another.

Here is how you do it:

  • Once you have swapped to a second character, choose solo session in GTA Online via Creator mode.
  • Now get a car which is priced under $50,000 and set spawn location to Last location.
  • Drive the car to Los Santos Customs and sell the vehicle for some decent money.
  • Now press the D-pad and make sure you select Franklin in order to make this glitch work as intended.
  • Press Start and choose Online > Solo session and repeat the procedure of selling cars to bypass the 45 minute restriction against selling cars at the LSC in GTA Online.

Meanwhile, a couple of other YouTubers, Sernandoe and ExtremeGamingVideos, have shared some simple tips and tricks to gain unlimited RP in GTA Online.

According to the glitch method detailed by the YouTubers, you need to get to the Army base (see video) which is ear-marked on the map.

Here is how you do it:

  • Go ahead and ram into the security gate at the military base and you will get a four star wanted level.
  • Now turn around and break through another security gate by ramming your car into it.
  • This area is free from cops and soldiers, and hence you can hide behind the fence for as long as you wish or until the wanted level goes away.
  • Once the four-star wanted level vanishes, you can return to the main gate and repeat the process of trespassing it to force another four-star wanted level.
  • Rinse and repeat the process until you have accumulated enough RP to level up or get promoted to the next higher rank in GTA Online.

Note:This glitch is meant for lower-ranked players (below rank 200) as it does not work well for higher ranked players.