Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW, aka Ross, talks about the latest price predictions, snow cars and a bunch of other DLC items for the forthcoming Christmas update in GTA Online, while answering a bunch of fan queries in his latest iteration of QnA series for GTA 5.

In response to his first fan query, Ross admits that 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' would be his favourite DLC theme for GTA Online. Furthermore, he expects Rockstar to implement exciting gameplay elements like nightclubs, fast cars, crazy guns, and the neon feature of Bahama Mamas nightclub in the game.

Answering another fan query about how to rank up fast to level 100 in GTA Online, Ross explains that players can take advantage of double money and double RP event weekends such as the recently held Lowriders event in GTA Online. In another related query, the YouTuber clarifies if the recent double RP and double GTA$ event has anything to do with the forthcoming DLC.

Ross elaborates that he definitely believes the event could actually signal the advent of yet another DLC for GTA Online such as Lowriders 2.0 update or the Apartment Customisation DLC.

Moving on to the next query, the YouTuber answers if there will ever be another single-player DLC for GTA 5. Ross clarifies that there are two possibilities regarding Rockstar's next DLC release for single-player in GTA 5, wherein the game maker might delay the DLC announcement even further or just surprise everyone with a quick update in December or January.

Talking about the highly-speculated Festive Surprise DLC, Ross suggests that there is no clear picture about the potential DLC content for Festive Surprise 3.0. The YouTuber explains that if he were to make a wild guess then a net amount of 2 or 3 million (GTA$) should suffice for buying DLC items in the next DLC.

To further strengthen this claim, Ross opines that the next DLC would be similar to the Halloween Surprise and it would not contain much content in terms of purchases.

In response to the final query, Ross points out that the Christmas DLC would be themed similar to the Halloween update and hence there is a possibility that Rockstar might introduce snowmobile or snow cars as exclusive items of the DLC.