GTA Online: Lowriders DLC
GTA 5 Online QnA: Updated DLC map, mansions, stock market and Casino DLC Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive aka Dom answers some of the most intriguing fan queries pertaining to updated DLC map and the possibility of introducing new mansions, stock market and Casino DLC in GTA Online, in his latest QnA series gameplay video for GTA 5. The QnA discussion also revolves around the highly-anticipated Lowriders 2.0 update and Christmas DLC for GTA Online in December.

The first fan query pertains to the possibility of releasing Lowriders 2.0 and Christmas DLC in December, wherein Dom sounds positive about Rockstar releasing both these DLCs. His argument is further strengthened by the fact that the game maker had earlier performed a similar feat by releasing two DLCs: Halloween Surprise and Lowriders DLC Part 1, in the same month.

With GTA 5 getting older and missions becoming too repetitive, some avid GTA gamers are concerned about the longevity of the game. One such gamer asks Dom: "How long he thinks the game would last?" In response to this query, the YouTuber asserts that the game would last as long as YouTubers keep releasing new gameplay videos for GTA 5 and Rockstar keeps rolling out new DLCs for the game.

In other words, GTA 5 could easily last for two more years until Rockstar comes out with a new iteration of Grand Theft Auto or GTA 6.

Responding to another query on the possibility of adding more cities to the existing GTA 5 map, Dom explains that the game maker could actually develop the existing game code and unlock hidden regions of the map such as North Yankton, rather than introducing or extending the map to newer cities in the US.

Moving on to the final fan query, the YouTuber clarifies that Mansions update and Casino DLC are definitely on the cards, while the possibility of adding stock market concept to GTA Online has been ruled out as Rockstar has reportedly decided to drop this content.