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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar introduces new anti-money glitch features to monitor hackers and modders Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games recently rolled out some anti-cheat measures and bug-fixes through its 1.29 title update for last-gen consoles in GTA Online as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals key hidden features of the new update. In his latest gameplay video, the YouTuber further explains how the new anti-money glitch features could help Rockstar in monitoring and banning hackers and modders in the game.

As Ross elaborates, Rockstar has introduced some key game-changing features and functionality restrictions in GTA Online, which will severely limit players from modding or using multiplayer glitches in the game. This information has been obtained from prolific GTA tipster LondonTown2004 via se7ensins forum.

It must be noted that the new security features will limit the functionality across all generations of GTA 5. This includes both last-gen (Xbox 360 and PS3) and current-gen (Xbox One, PC and PS4) gaming platforms.

Illegal transaction block

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: Anti-money glitch feature LondonTown2004 via se7ensins

Rockstar can now remotely monitor and restrict certain players from doing certain things on their account such as performing specific illegitimate transactions or purchases that may lead to car duplication glitch or similar money glitches in GTA Online.

Here is the fragmented source code for the illegal transaction block:

Blocked vehicle transfers

GTA 5 Online
Rockstar blocks illegal vehicle transfers in GTA Online se7ensins forum

Offending players can no longer transfer vehicles between properties when they are logged into their blacklisted accounts, besides a new tunables variable can trigger a system-wide block that will prevent defaulters from swapping vehicles.

Source code:

Creator mode ban

GTA 5 Online
New Creator mode ban restricts defaulters from misusing user-generated content (UGC) feature in GTA Online se7ensins forum

In addition, Rockstar has implemented the Creator mode ban to prevent offending players from using ground-breaking exploits in GTA Online. In other words, exploiters can no longer use modded user-generated content (UGC) or misleading UGC such as 50,000RP for a single Deathmatch.

Source code: