The internet is abuzz with rumours of various DLCs making their way into GTA 5, while a recent post on the GTA Wikia page was taken down by Rockstar as it suggested that Bahamas Mamas Night Club would be the next DLC coming to the game.

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) opines in his latest gameplay video that the Bahamas Mamas Night Club DLC could be part of the impending High Roller update for GTA 5, which gains precedence following the recent leak on Casino Heists DLC and Rockstar popping out a few clues via its game files regarding the impending DLC.

Besides, discerning gamers have already found a glitch to force their way into the Bahamas Night Club as the building is still locked from public access.

As this Night Club building has been there in GTA 5 right from the day of game release, it is likely to be part of the upcoming DLCs for the single-player mode in GTA 5.

Not to mention, Rockstar had recently stated that a bunch of new updates and DLCs would be coming to the story mode of GTA 5, while there would be no additions to GTA Online Heists as it required a lot of effort and investment to change the things that already exist in the game.

Avid GTA gamers may recollect that GTA 4 also had access to Night club at some point in the story mode and going by a recent Facebook update from Rockstar in response to a fan query, it seems Bahamas Mamas may not be the next DLC on the cards.

Nevertheless, the GTA community is still hoping that there would be a Night Club DLC apart from the existing Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club aka Horny Girls on Elgin Avenue in Strawberry, Los Santos.

Also, check out a contrasting perspective about Bahamas Mamas DLC from another YouTuber, MrBossFTW, in the gameplay video below: