GTA 5 Online: Fastest Way to Become a Billionaire with Heists Missions
GTA 5 Online: Fastest Way to Become a Billionaire with Heists Missions

GTA 5 has undoubtedly been the top-selling game from Rockstar, owing to its open world gameplay with tons of hidden secrets, easter eggs and innumerable money glitches waiting to be unearthed within the game.

With more and more gamers finding it hard to earn money in GTA 5 Online, it is only imperative that some discerning gamer will eventually unearth new ways of making tons of money or flirt with the idea of becoming a quick billionaire.

With the intent of helping newbies and strugglers who are still trying to explore possible ways of earning big money without cheats, Gamer Headlines has posted a complete walkthrough for the six Heists missions in GTA 5.

It must be noted that the cash reward for each of these Heists missions will be inevitably based on the player's performance as well as the team chosen for the task.

This walkthrough is meant for those who failed to complete the Heists missions and those who are eager to find out the right way to complete each of these missions in order to secure maximum returns or payouts and become a quick billionaire.

The Jewel Store Job

As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose your team members for the Heist mission carefully if you want to save money during the hire process.

For this mission, it is advisable to choose Option B which will allow you to hire Packie McReary as the gunman. It seems he is a better bet than a slightly expensive Gustavo Mota and can be unlocked via a side-mission.

Tip: Avoid hiring Norm Richards until the last heist mission, where you will need him the most.

In case you choose Option A, then you need to hire Eddie Toh as your driver. The catch here is this guy fetches you the highest possible payout (which will be split as $5m for Michael and about $300K for Franklin) for doing the heist.

The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score is the fourth heist in GTA 5 which will fetch you about $8m on completing the mission. As was the case with the first heist mission, The Jewel Store Job, Packie McReary is your best bet for this one too.

Alternatively, you can opt for Chef who is also a tad cheaper than Gustavo Mota as your hired gunman.

If Norm wasn't used in the first heist, he would be an ideal choice along with Daryl Johns for this mission. The catch here is you can snatch their share of money as they will die while completing the mission.

The Bureau Raid

The best way to finish this mission is by getting through the roof with Option B.

You need to hire either Karim Denz or Talina Martinez (unlocked via side mission) as your driver to complete this mission easily; since both can help you evade the police and bail you out using their secure access to an ambulance.

Norm Richards could serve as your gunman while Rickie Lukens plays as your hacker.

Tip: Option A will fetch you better monetary returns, but Norm Richards will get killed.

The Merryweather Heist

You will not be able to gain any monetary benefits with this Heist mission, as it is completely a story-driven mission. However, you will enjoy the flexibility of hiring the crew members you desire.

The Blitz Play

Like the Merryweather, this heist is also story-driven and will not fetch you any monetary rewards for completing the mission; but will unlock contacts for additional side missions.

The Big Score

If you want to make big money at the expense of risking your crew members' lives, then choose Option B which will fetch you $41.7m on successful completion of the mission.

On the contrary, choosing Option A is easier and safer, but it will fetch you just $34.9m.

Regardless of the option you chose, Karim Denz and Taliana Martinez will be your viable options as drivers.

Hire Chef as your first gunman and Norm Richards or Daryl Johns as your second gunman, while your best bet as hacker would be Rickie Lukens (if you have chosen Option A).

At the end of the final Heist mission you should be a rich millionaire if not a billionaire with net earnings of $201,600,000.