GTA 5 Online gameplay: DNS codes are back, money scams revealed
GTA 5 Online gameplay: DNS codes are back, money scams revealed Rockstar Games

Fresh news of leaked DNS codes and money scams are making waves in GTA Online, as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) reveals more details about the same in his latest video.

Discussing the benefits of using the Domain Name Server or DNS codes in GTA Online, Dom talks about how you could connect to the private servers and exploit the various inherent glitches in the game such as the infamous money lobby epidemic, accomplish maximum rank, earn unlimited money and give away billions of dollars to other players.

Now the catch is that the DNS mods and codes have returned to GTA 5 Online, as the game community seems to be caught up with money scams once again.

With billions of GTA$ in their hands, players are now able to buy expensive cars or destroy older cars for making more space inside their garage in their bid to fill up that space with newer and faster cars.

On the downside, unsuspecting GTA 5 gamers end up getting their console ID banned from logging into Rockstar's servers or unable to play online after being placed into a cheater pool, as use of DNS codes for making unlimited money is considered illegal and bad for the game's balance of economy.

It has been ascertained that the DNS mods and codes are back on all gaming platforms including the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and probably might affect the PC edition once it releases on 27 January.

As Dom admits, the DNS codes and servers could pave the way for more powerful mods such as God mode and other game-breaking exploits.

Emphasising about the impending console bans with the use of DNS codes, Dom lists out some game-changing features that can be unlocked using DNS mods and servers:

Snowfall with Snowballs (permanent effect)

No 'High Earner' - No cheat flags for cash values.

No Idle Kick - You won't be kicked for being idle.

No Wanted Levels - You won't be awarded any wanted level for crimes committed.

Free Purchases: All in-game items will be free of charge - this is to make up for the fact that there will be no modded Cash values.

No Bad Sport Penalty - You won't be labelled a Bad Sport for continuously destroying personal vehicles or quitting jobs.

Stronger Health - You won't be in God mode as that's unfair for others but your health will last much longer and can take more damage or shots with bullets fired from a gun than a normal player.

As Dom concludes in his video, most of these features seem to be more game-breaking than game-changing, although No Wanted Levels feature could be an exception, especially for a private session in GTA Online, where gamers would love to have some fun and frolic with friends or online gaming buddies.

As a word of caution, gamers are advised to avoid subscribing to YouTube channels or paying real-world money to modders just to get an entry to DNS servers as most of these are reportedly fake or scams for making money from unsuspecting users.

Besides, Dom clarifies that NillxModz is the only person to have the original DNS codes for GTA Online.