GTA 5 Online: Hackers and Virtual Rape Mods Gameplay Video
GTA 5 Online: Hackers and Virtual Rape Mods Gameplay Video Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has been the most successful game ever from Rockstar Games, despite its tendency to grab the spotlight for some great reasons as well as a few weird ones such as the Virtual Rape Mods in GTA Online.

Hackers have lately been bombarding Rockstar's online game servers with a slew of game-breaking mods such as UFOs, garage glitch and finally the Virtual Rape mods.

In his latest video, discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has shed more light on the ensuing chaos in GTA Online, following the release of Rape mods by some pranksters and modders in the game.

The Virtual Rape Mod gameplay video is based on the latest news broadcast on YouTube, with due credit to its uploader Slippery Nipple.

It may be recalled that GTA Online gamers have been recently tormented by hackers and modders, who have been locking the public lobbies with Rape mods, and virtually raping participants in the game.

Some of the grievous incidents with Virtual Rape Mods include stealing of weapons, clothes, body armour and cash along with other belongings of the victim, after killing him/her at point-blank range.

Other serious offences with this mod even include undressing the victim forcibly and then killing him or her after an animated sexual assault in any random session of GTA Online.

Consequently, the Virtual Rape incidents in GTA 5 seem to have grabbed the attention of news outlets as live broadcasts have been circulating the report to the masses.

The GTA community is now contemplating if the offenders who were responsible for such heinous incidents in the game should actually be punished under the cyber laws or if Rockstar should ban such offending players for life.

A legal action may not seem warranted, as the game developer has rated GTA 5 to be restricted for individuals aged above 18 only.

Furthermore, there is no valid mechanism to check the age of gamers while they log into Rockstar's game servers or Rockstar Social Club to participate in any random online session of GTA 5.

This is especially true, as date of birth restriction can be bypassed easily by providing false information at the time of registering your gamer profile.

Consequently, there is the lurking danger of exposing under-aged gamers to violent activities in the game and the GTA community just hopes that Rockstar might find a way to curb this menace.