GTA 5 Online: Heist DLC vehicles with mounted mini-guns revealed
GTA 5 Online Heist trailer breakdown: Hydra, Heists payouts and more Rockstar Games

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for a special treat, as discerning YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has unravelled some interesting gameplay elements in his trailer breakdown video comprising info about Hydra jet, Heists payouts and more for GTA Online.

Rockstar seems to have cleverly addressed its disappointed fans that they were aware of the fan complaints, while they were still busy with the preparation for releasing Heists as seen in the opening dialog sequence of the cinematic shown in the Heist DLC launch trailer.

Any discerning user could easily notice Lester saying to a hired gun: "I know you have been complaining... but you weren't ready!"

Moving on to the second action scene, you could see two Heist crew members wearing sky-masks, and in the next part of the footage you can easily notice the attack helicopter with support for rockets and machine gun.

Tip #1: The attack helicopter seems to be a clone of the Hunter from GTA: San Andreas.

Tip #2: In the trailer, you will also notice a new weapon, the driller, which is used to cut through metal and safety locks, during heist missions or while looting the cash from the bank's safety deposit lockers.

Tip #3: In the next action sequence, we see a black sedan which resembles Michael's car. On the contrary, this could be a brand new DLC car exclusively meant for Heist missions with some solid armour on its back.

Tip #4: Don't miss the dart board (in the next scene of the trailer), which is stuck on the wall inside of the planning board room or the war room. This could be a hint that we could receive some sort of mini games within our apartments in GTA Online.

Tip #5: An APC tank is also seen in the next action sequence depicting a wild chase, wherein an attack helicopter is seen shooting rockets at the tank.

A closer look suggests there will be wild cop chases with attack helicopters APC tanks and armoured jeeps roaming the streets of Los Santos.

Tip #6: In the latter section of the Heists launch trailer, you can spot the Hydra jet plane taking off from a military base on a ship.

Tip #7: Next up in the video, there is a glimpse of the payout details listed on a white board with names of the crew members put up one below the other. The reward payout for a particular mission could be as high as $670,000 as seen on the white board.

Tip #8: The players assuming the top roles with a better ranking for Heists will stand to earn superior payouts starting from $368,000 for top rank or rank 1, and the next three players will earn $100,000 each.

Tip #9: A hacking expert could be using night vision to perform a stealth operation while stealing confidential data from the bank servers or other high priority corporate buildings.

Tip #10: GTA Online gamers will also be able to enjoy the long-rumoured flare gun with the release of Heists DLC in early 2015.