GTA 5 Online Heists DLC: Top 3 Possible Heist Locations Revealed
GTA 5 Online Heists DLC: Top 3 Possible Heist Locations Revealed Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is yet to announce the highly-anticipated Heists DLC for GTA 5 Online which is expected soon after the E3, while restless gamers are speculating its release date and all possible locations where the Heist missions would take place.

According to renowned GTA 5 tipster, Dat Saintsfan, the three most likely heist locations that are being widely discussed online include the Ornate Bank, Bank in Paleto Bay and the FIB building.

The choices for these locations are based on their strategic building layout or plan with rooftops, ladders, and boxes that could be armed with alarms.

Ornate Bank Heist

First up on the list is the Ornate Bank Heist primarily because of its imposing structure, ease of access to the building and the numerous beta leaks that appeared in YouTube videos depicting the Heist gameplay.

The possibility of Rockstar including Ornate Bank Heist is strengthened by the fact that it is the biggest bank known in GTA 5 with scope for adding an assortment of security guards, alarms, bank tellers and safe locker systems or bank vaults.

The ladder leading to the rooftop is accessible from the bank's backyard and provides enough cover for using the stealth mode. Besides, there is scope for introducing hackers into the gameplay to spice up things a bit, as it is imperative to disable security alarms and hack vaults to avoid unwanted attention from the cops.

Depending upon your gameplay style, you could either hire a hacker to disable security systems or an explosive specialist to blow off the security doors for an easier access to the bank vault.

Bank in Paleto Bay

With the possibility of at least three heists in the making, the second on our list is the Bank in Paleto Bay.

GTA 5 players would have already got a glimpse of this bank in one of the story mode missions, wherein you dress up in your juggernaut suit and fight off cops in the bank.

This bank is relatively small in size than the Ornate Bank and should support fewer cops as it is located outside the city limits.

In other words, it could actually represent a low-tier bank heist with less reward payouts as compared to the Ornate Bank heist, and also lower wanted levels with fewer cops pursuing you after the heist.

The bank has a bunch of panels at the back of the building which could support security alarms that could be hacked or disabled during heist missions.

Tip: One could just shoot at the panel to disable the security alarms as in the case of single-player or story mode in GTA 5.

As Rockstar is likely to add different difficulty levels for each of the Heist missions, we could assume that the Paleto Bank heist could be the starting tier with the easiest level of difficulty, given its smaller size.

FIB Building

Moving on to the third Heist location, we have the FIB building with a perfect setting for heist missions, given a few strong reasons.

Ease of Access to the Building: one can enter the building through the rooftop on the fifty-third floor by breaking open the glass window on the rooftop or using the burnt part or the non-burnt part used for deathmatch scenarios in GTA Online.

The rooftop has a bunch of panels, a couple of air-conditioning units and a shed-type structure that could support security systems with possible access to security cameras or alarm systems.

Close Proximity of IAA Building: One could easily do some sniping from the IAA building to get rid of security guards, while a hacker takes out security systems atop the FIB building.

Helicopter Landing Space: The building is ideally suited for helicopter landing with plenty of empty spaces on the rooftop and players could rappel down through the glass windows for a surprise intrusion into the building's fifty-third floor.

Elevator or Lift Access: There is an easy elevator or lift access to various floors from the rooftop, which comes in handy for a perfect getaway following the heist mission.

Safety Deposit Boxes and Giant Safe: In addition, the building has a bunch of safety deposit boxes and a giant safe or vault. Players might be lucky to pick up weapons and ammo instead of just cash as there is enough room to store secret packages in these boxes.

FIB heist could be the ultimate challenge in GTA Online as it is often well-protected with SWAT teams and other security guards.

As the tipster admits, FIB being a government building, it would attract insane levels of security and bump the difficulty levels to hard or insane. On the flip side, a successful heist could yield a lifetime fortune for GTA 5 players.

Which locations do you think the Heists would be taking place? Please leave your comments below.