Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for more exciting news, as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) has revealed some interesting tips and tricks to acquire police officer's uniform and find the secret Heist location in Free Roam mode for GTA Online.

As Dom notes in his latest gameplay video, it is possible to steal the police officer's uniform using a simple in-game glitch in Free Roam mode for GTA Online, wherein you need to access the Prison Break Heists mission called 'The Station'.

Once you have launched the mission, the team playing up as the police will receive the officer's uniform with two players getting the opportunity to wear the police uniform.

Now as you come out of the police station, just exit the mission by hitting the sub button and go to find a new online session. Then pull up your in-game phone and go to Quick Job, but ensure that you select a Capture job.

Now you will re-spawn into the new online session with the police officer uniform. Tip #1: In case you find yourself wearing a different custom outfit, once you start the Capture job your outfit will automatically change to police officer uniform.

Then pull up the interactive menu and change the sunglasses a few times in order to save the uniform in the game. Tip #2: For every round of Capture job that you play, you will need to change your glasses in order to ensure that the police officer uniform is saved into the gamer profile, while it is also mandatory to complete the Capture job to save the progress as well the police outfit.

After you have completed the Capture job, you will be redirected to the game's main menu and from there you can enter the Free Roam mode. In Free mode, you need to directly go to the clothing store and then save your police officer uniform.

Once you have done this trick, the police uniform will be available to you from your inventory or wardrobe at all times.

In related news, the same YouTuber reveals how to find the aircraft carrier and yacht in Free Roam mode via the secret Heist location in GTA Online.

With due credit to discerning GTA 5 tipsters JoePGamerrrr and Yan2295, it is now possible to find the aircraft carrier and yacht in Free mode by downloading the yacht and air carrier mission in GTA Online.

It must be noted that currently the mission download link is available only for PS4 consoles, while there is no word on whether the same will work on Xbox One.

Nevertheless, interested gamers can go ahead and download the mission via Rockstar Social Club after logging in with the gamer tag or nickname and password.

Tip #3: Sometimes the mission download page might show some other job, wherein you need to refresh the page before you can find the correct job, as outlined in the video below.

After you have downloaded the mission, just ensure that you have set the mission to single round from the settings menu and then you can invite your friends for the job.

After your friends have joined the online session, just ensure that either you win or lose the game in order to activate the glitch and unlock the secret Heist location with access to the yacht as well as the aircraft carrier.

Once you have collected all the briefcases as part of the mission objective, the game will be over and then you will be taken back to the mission menu.

At this moment, just hit the replay button to enter the mission gameplay and get the settings menu on the screen. Then hit the server or B button to exit the mission.

After you exit the mission, you will return to Free Roam mode, wherein you will end up into an invite only or public session. If you are in a public session as depicted in the video, then you can see a hoard of people walking around you by the beach.

You will also see the yacht and aircraft carrier spawning at this secret location and you might try getting into them in Free Roam mode to explore the wonderful sceneries around the beach.