The internet is abuzz with freshly leaked details pertaining to Heists DLC weapons, equipment and gear, as renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) sheds more light on the latest leak in his new gameplay video for GTA Online.

With due credit to prolific GTA 5 tipster Funmw2, freshly leaked screenshots pertaining to Heists DLC weapons, equipment and gear are now making waves online.

As Dom points out, the leaked screenshots pertaining to yet untold details of Heist DLC have been obtained via Rockstar's game servers by Funmw2.

First of the lot among the leaked images, we see a bunch of powerful guns including an assault rifle and a shotgun, alongside night vision goggles and a flare gun.

There is also a camera, which is half-visible in the right-hand bottom corner of the image.

It is ascertained that all these images were taken from the Heists planning board on the Rockstar's game servers.

Furthermore, Dom explains that these weapons are meant to be in the list of required equipment load-out for the Heist missions.

In the next image (above), we can see an assault rifle, a hand-gun and a parachute, which hints that we might see some flying missions in Heists such as jumping out of a plane or some high-octane stunts during the Heist missions.

Next up in the image-list is a driller machine, which could come in handy for cutting through metal barriers and bank vaults, during a Heist mission.

In the next image, we can see a heap of boxes containing some unknown commodities that could be some kind of fertilisers or explosive material for blowing up things in Heists.

In the final image, we can see an assault rifle, a laptop, a thermite bomb and two masks.

The image also shows some kind of computer chips or a remote control for activating bombs.

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