GTA 5: PC 2014 Release Imminent, PS4 and Xbox One Versions May Be Delayed

A YouTube user has posted details on the new LS Customs content that will arrive with the GTA 5 High Life Update, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

The user claims that they were found in "a recent addition to the iFruit app" files and that they include several new add-ons and customisation options for cars. Watch the video below for more information.

Tyre Smoke

The files detail two kinds of new tyre smoke: Pink tyre smoke that is priced at $22,500 and brown tyre smoke that is priced at $16,500. The video contains swatches that show the exact colours of the smoke that will be used by both these customisations.

1 Million GTA$ Gold Metal Paint

This customisation does not come as a surprise since the High Life update is about opulence and luxury. The gold metal paint will serve as a powerful status symbol, meaning that it will be a true sign of who has $1 million to burn.

Window Tint

LS Customs will also offer a "Pure Black" window tint that will cost $10,000. As per its name, the tint will be jet black in colour and it will give an opaque window tint.

High Life Update Apartment Locations Revealed

Meanwhile, a new video has now revealed three of the five new apartments that are rolling out with the GTA 5 Online High Life update this Tuesday. The uploader says that the locations are not guesswork and that the information is "confirmed". The video has also revealed that the apartments might have dedicated rooms for Heist planning.