GTA 5 Online Heists
GTA 5 Online: New Heists missions Drug Flip and Money-Back Guarantee audio files leaked Rockstar Games

The internet is abuzz with news of two upcoming Heist missions for GTA Online as a couple of audio clips pertaining to these Heists have been discovered by a YouTuber named TurtleeyTY, who has discussed in detail about the same on a GTA forums thread.

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds more light on the leaked Heists audio files in his latest gameplay video that discloses more info about the mission preparation as well as the finale.

As Ross admits, the YouTuber who shared this info on GTA forums has given a detailed description of the two upcoming heists including the gameplay details for each of them, besides sharing the actual audio that is allegedly part of the upcoming Heist missions in GTA Online.

Check out the full audio clip in the video below:

Ross explains that a few Heist missions did not make the cut into the game owing to some unknown technical constraints. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that these Heist missions could make a comeback as part of the future DLCs for GTA Online.

First of the two leaked Heist missions has been touted as the 'Drug Flip', wherein a new game character is allegedly the main protagonist for the mission who also gets a new voice makeover that resembles one of Ron or Lester.

However, it is ascertained that the voice character belongs to neither Ron nor Lester (as these characters own a distinctive voice acting), but someone else with a hybrid voice of these two characters.

Along the lines of the new character, Agent 14, who made the debut with the recent Heist update, there is allegedly another new character in the making for the upcoming Heist missions in GTA Online.

The audio file for the Drug Flip mission indicates that the players are being blackmailed by the new character that they can continue their business only by helping him steal a drug shipment from LS' cartels.

In exchange the players would get hold of the free weapons that can be sold to a foreign dictator for a big payday.

Here is what the tipster TurtleeyTY (aka TurtleeyGTA) suggests in his gameplay analysis for the first Heist mission - Drug Flip, based on the leaked audio file:

This sounds exactly like Jeff's speculation on what happens to the Hydra from Humane Labs - it's very possible that the gameplay and writing aren't finished, and are borrowed from other heists as placeholders. More on that at the end.

Prep mission 1 involves stealing drug shipment trucks from South LS and carrying them to El Gordo.

Prep mission 2 involves stealing one of three riot vans and using it for something later. (Probably unfinished?)

Prep mission 3 involves ambushing a Merryweather convoy to steal a truck. (Seems to be a prep mission from the original heists? Again, maybe a placeholder.)

Finale involves raiding a processing plant, secretly a narcotics distribution center, stealing their shipment, loading it in your truck, and flipping the drugs on the global market.

However, the heist is sabotaged and the truck's location is exposed. You must quickly take the shipment out of South LS and carry it out of the city via cargobob - it's implied you have a Silent or Obvious option for this, like in Singleplayer heists.

Moving on to the second Heist mission, Money-Back Guarantee, the tipster suggests that this heist mission unlocks all of the random FLEECA banks around the map for a fast-paced race against time.

In the second mission, you are required to create a citywide blackout and loot as many banks as possible before the 10-minute timer runs out and the power is rerouted.

Here is the complete gameplay description as narrated by the tipster on GTA forums:

This seems to be way more finished - Lester has unique dialogue options for when you fail, and it's more creative and funny than the first one. Joseph White's lines are also fully recorded, and though I didn't put it in the video, there's clips of him reacting to all of the player taunts, around a dozen commentaries on your fashion choice, what he thinks of your car, etc. This heist also mentions finding him at a nightclub - could Bahama Mamas (a popular spot for gay guys iirc) finally be unlocked?

Prep mission 1 involves stealing Seasharks from Del Perro Pier, and stashing them in the LS River storm drains.

Prep mission 2 involves planting explosives on power substations to blow later - security guards show up, and must be stealthily taken out. The explosives are fragile, and damaging or detonating them - or getting caught by security - will fail the mission. Remind you of something from GTA SA?

Prep mission 3 involves tracking down a scientist, Melvin Andrews, who's hidden his location with radar decoys. You must find his real location, kill him, and take his passcode (for what I have no idea), presumably before time runs out. (This might be a beta version of the Keycards from Humane Labs, and not necessarily part of the FLEECA heist. I just put it in since Lester narrates.)

Prep mission 4 involves one unlucky player seducing a (gay?) bank manager - Joseph Whites - at a nightclub. The player must flirt with him, go back to his place, and 'distract' him - possibly in a Hot Coffee minigame (or hopefully a fade-to-black!) - long enough for your teammates to make a copy of his bank vault pass and sneak back out.

Finale involves blowing the substations to create a citywide blackout, in order to dash between 4-5 FLEECA banks, robbing them all before the 10-minute timer runs out and the power comes back on. The players must use motorbikes to escape the final bank, lure the cops into the LS river, then use Seasharks to escape. For each bank, two players handle hostages, and two players handle the vault. After a few minutes, the cops catch on and wait for you at the next bank. On the final bank, all four players must go inside the vault to steal the cash motherload - but something goes wrong. You're locked out of the vault, and may have to forfeit the final pay. Then it gets worse - you're surrounded by cops outside, and your escape bikes are confiscated. All players must fight their way through cops to a parking garage in Legion Square, where they find another car and continue to the Seasharks, with very little time left on the 10-minute clock. Once on the Seasharks, the players must split up to lose the heat. They escape just in time.

There's also some strange dialogue from a cutscene, with a drunk woman ranting about her failed career as a TV writer in Vinewood. There's still some more stuff in the files I might've missed, so again, I would comb as much as possible.

Both of these seem to combine many elements of the previous heists - I'm not sure if Rockstar are that unoriginal, or these are just from a VERY early beta. Some of the voiceacting work isn't even done yet - there's one spot in the FLEECA Finale where they used a text-to-speech robot.