GTA 5 Online Tricks and Glitches: Super Speed Wheelie, Wingsuit, Skateboard Glitch and More
GTA 5 Online Tricks and Glitches: Super Speed Wheelie, Wingsuit, Skateboard Glitch and More Rockstar Games

A discerning YouTube tipster, oChaoticRavenger, has revealed a bunch of interestingly new tips and tricks including Super Speed, Wingsuit, Skateboard glitch and more in GTA Online.

As the tips and tricks do not use any sort of cheats or hack tools, it makes them all the more exciting and fun to play with, as Rockstar has announced stringent measures to eliminate unfair gameplay barring glitches in GTA Online.

Here are the best tips and tricks that you cannot miss in GTA Online:

Big G Goods Truck - Back Door Opening Trick

Find the Big G Goods truck at Paleto Bay which is located at the Northern most part of Los Santos.

Pull out a shot gun and fire about four shots at the top portion of the truck\'s back door until it starts opening up or popping out a bit.

Get back to the driver\'s seat and pull the truck forward for a couple of yards. The back door should now be fully open.

The truck has enough space to carry three cars and its back door doubles up as a tiny ramp to enable cars to enter its container box.

The best part of this trick is that the truck\'s back door will close automatically and get sealed off once the cars are in.

How to Perform and Hold Wheelies on a Motorcycle

As most of you would know, performing a wheelie gives an instant boost to acceleration of the bike and you can move twice faster than riding the same bike without the wheelie trick.

So, here is how you perform and hold the Wheelie for an entire lap (assuming you are riding on a stretch without any turns):

  • Press and hold the accelerate key on your console and then lean back. Then hit the brake key while you are still leaning back.
  • As long as you hold the two keys and maintain your posture on the bike, the wheelie will be in action, giving you insane speed boosts during any race.

As the tipster notes, regardless of the bike\'s make or upgrades installed on it, you will gain an insane amount of speed boosts whenever you perform a wheelie which will give you an unfair advantage over your rivals while racing.

Tip: The wheelie trick comes in handy when you are playing catch up or want to desperately finish the bike race on first position.

Sky-Gliding or Wingsuit Trick

Unlike the Skyfall cheat, the Sky-gliding trick makes use of in-game mechanics to stay afloat while also travelling faster and further to cover long distances quickly.

To perform this trick, just jump over the top of a skyscraper building or tower with a parachute sticking on your back.

Then push and hold your analog stick at about 75% as you glide through the air, instead of directly falling down.

Note: This procedure requires a bit of practice, as you cannot push the analog stick a bit more or lesser than the specified limits. Otherwise, the trick will not work as intended.

Cargo Plane Skateboard Glitch

Skateboard glitch can be performed by using the metal strip of a cargo plane.

Here is how you do it:

  • Find a Cargo plane parked at the Airport or in Sandy Shores.
  • Shoot off one of its tail-flaps on the side (see video) and then stand on it as if it is a skateboard.
  • Start shooting on the other end of the flap and the board will glide on the ground.

Tip: Shoot only one bullet at a time to ensure that you do not fall off the metal strip or lose control.

You can use this technique to glide on the ground as long as you wish or even compete with your friends.

Watch the video below to check out other exciting tricks such as The Truck Bunny hop glitch (aka bounce and flip trick), Cargobob Helicopter glitch, insane brake glitch, Mule Truck container glitch, BMX insane speed trick and Blowing up Cars with Two Sniper Bullets trick: