GTA 5 PC Mods
GTA 5 PC: Rockstar PC Mods and DLC QnA, Tsunami Hits Los Santos Mod gameplay revealed Rockstar Games

GTA 5 PC Mods have been making waves on the internet for quite some time, while renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) shares a new stunningly beautiful gameplay video pertaining to the Tsunami Mod for Los Santos in GTA 5.

This mod comes with a built-in trainer to modify the weather effects, vehicle spawning, game world objects, time and other miscellaneous options.

For instance, you could spawn the submersible, change player physical appearance with skin changer and also enable some special abilities such as super-jump, sky-diving, and more.

As Dom admits, this gameplay video (see below) has been credited to TwoDynamic (aka Declan), who is a good friend of Dom alongside iCrazyTeddy.

Check out the rest of the action in the stunning gameplay video posted below:

In related news, Rockstar Games has revealed on its newswire that a brand new DLC car and a new pistol would be making their way into GTA Online to enable gamers to shell out their "ill-gotten gains" from playing Heist missions for purchasing "new toys" that are tailor-made for the forthcoming missions.

GTA 5 PC Mods
GTA 5 PC: Rockstar PC Mods and DLC QnA, Tsunami Hits Los Santos Mod gameplay revealed Rockstar Games

As Dom notes, the DLC car shown in the screenshot is a replica of the classic Mercedes Benz, which also boasts of the stylish raising doors and classy headlights makeover.

One closer look at the new vintage pistol reveals some gorgeous engravings on all sides with some eagle design markings that stand out in a chrome-like finish.

Here is what Rockstar had to say in response to fan queries about releasing any further Heist updates for GTA Online:

For now, the screenshot above provides just a glimpse... For those asking for more Heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it's not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional Heists like other Job modes and missions. We are, however, working on other cool updates for GTA Online that you can expect over the coming months.

As part of its QnA series, Rockstar has also answered a few other interesting questions including the possibility of releasing the new Rockstar Editor tailor-made for PS4 and Xbox One, in the next few days.

The Lab Radio Station is also expected to make its way to GTA Online on all the four console platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3).

In response to the fourth query, Rockstar has clarified that the GTA 5 PC Self Radio experience will not be coming to console platform as their limited hardware does not permit you to add personally curated playlist of MP3s in the game as a fully featured and completely integrated radio station.

Addressing another fan query, Rockstar confirms that GTA 5 gamers can continue to use mods in single player mode without getting banned.

However, the same would not be permitted in the online mode as the game developer believes in protecting individual player rights, while ensuring a fair gameplay for all and stopping modders and hackers from disrupting gameplay or causing trouble among fellow players with mods and cheats.

In response to numerous fan queries on banning cheaters and modders in GTA Online as well as taking action on YouTube videos that portray the use of money and RP glitches, Rockstar had this to say:

We are tremendous fans of the vast majority of YouTube content that fans post using footage from our games – everything from original machinima movies to funny gameplay moments to hypnotizing time-lapses and so much more – but we obviously do not support or condone any videos that attempt to instruct people how to cheat their way towards illegitimate RP, counterfeit GTA$, duping vehicles without having earned them and other things along those lines that compromise the fairness of the game's ranking and economy systems. We have a long-standing policy on posting copyrighted Rockstar Games material over at the Rockstar Support website, and to make things clearer on this front, we've just added a bulletpoint about this particular type of content there. Just like our other long-standing rules about not posting pre-release leaked footage, spoilers or entire in-game television content episodes – anyone who posts videos that encourage and promote ways to cheat your way towards gaining illegitimate RP or counterfeit in-game money or duplicating in-game items without having earned them may have their videos flagged for takedown with YouTube. Thank you again to everyone in the community (and especially the hardworking and creative GTA YouTube community!) for helping to bring this matter to our attention. Thanks also to everyone in the community for your ongoing efforts since the launch of GTA Online in reporting glitches, bugs and exploits to us via the Support website – it's invaluable information that helps inform fixes in Title Updates and via dynamic tuning to help keep GTA Online as fair as possible for everyone.

While it's unrealistic to say we can solve the problem of cheating forever and for everyone, we believe we are making significant progress on this issue and we will continue to work aggressively to stop these griefers in their tracks as best we can.