Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has shared some of his best answers to fan queries based on Heist, Twerking, face reveal plans, YouTube money and more on YouTube.

Here are the popular excerpts of the Q&A from DomisLive:

Dom, IcrazyTeddy and Declan's (aka TwoDynamic) Future Plans for Video Game Events

Responding to fan queries, Dom discusses future plans and possibility of participating in upcoming game events such as E3 and also talks about spending real money to acquire enough GTA money for performing game demos and shows in GTA Online.

The tipster explains that he has already spent close to over $1,000 wherein he would spare $100 for giveaways after every DLC release and another $100 to buy in-game currency for items, weapons, vehicles and upgrades.

GTA 5 Special Edition for Next-Gen

In the next Q&A, Dom sounds positive about a fan query regarding the availability of GTA 5 special edition for newer consoles, given Rockstar's recent promise to bring better visuals, graphic details and new gameplay elements with the upcoming re-mastered edition of GTA 5.

Twerking and Dancing

There is also a query on twerking and dancing as one of player actions to be incorporated in upcoming DLCs for GTA Online.

Dom hints that special actions like twerking and flexing of muscles could be a great addition to GTA 5 as it allows gamers to express themselves better in online version of the game.

Game Breaking Mods and Glitches

Instances of hackers injecting game breaking mods and glitches in public lobbies of GTA 5 such as Infinity UFO mod, God mode and invisibility mod have for long been making waves on internet, while some discerning gamers have raised questions about the game dying out because of such incidents marring the gamer experience online.

Dom responds that GTA 5 Online is here to stay as modders and hackers can only infect the public lobby, while private lobbies are safe for playing especially if you are a serious gamer who does not wish to be disturbed by nasty pranksters.

Custom Controller and DomisLive Website

Dom also talks about releasing his custom controller for GTA 5, gamer picture packs for Xbox Live and probably PS3, as well as some T-shirts and clothing for avid gamers on his upcoming website, DomisLive.com.

Rockstar Delaying Heists for Over 7 Months

Dom just hopes that Rockstar might compensate for the indefinite delay in the release of Heists DLC for GTA Online as avid fans of GTA 5 have been waiting for the DLC for almost a year since the release of this game.

Dom's Face Reveal Plans on YouTube

With a massive subscriber base of 357,628 users on his YouTube channel, Dom answers about his future face revealing plans on YouTube for the first time.

Dom hints at revealing his face physically once he reaches 1 million subscribers or at future E3 events or at one of game developers' headquarters such as Rockstar's office in New York City or Ubisoft's headquarters in Montreal, France.