Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) gamers are in for some exciting online gameplay experience as ten new Rockstar Verified jobs enter GTA Online this week. The job catalogue varies from fun and competitive races to challenging deathmatches that will test your skills against other participating players via Rockstar Social Club.

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode
New races and deathmatches added to Rockstar Verified Jobs list for GTA Online

Take a tour of ten new Rockstar Verified jobs (below) that could get you addicted to the game:

Beach Side Race

As its name implies, this race takes you through a quick tour along the coastal road from Vespucci Beach North to the Pacific Bluffs, as you race away on your motorbikes and ATVs to make that perfect speed jump across the canal bridges and the final straightaway.

With due credit to papa salada who created this race, the track and vehicle selection are tailor-made to achieve exhilarating top speeds for some serious airtime and slipstreaming through the impeding stampede.

Custom Freeway Gymkhana

Salted Cracka brings out his technical prowess and experience of eight previous race jobs in the making of this freeway challenge around the docks. The track is featured with strategic elevations and speed jumps to suit the pulse of the race, while tricky turns demand the use of deft touch with breaking and drifting through the corners.

The race creator has chosen Sultan as the default choice for the job as it is tailor-made for drifting. The job description throws a hint of advice to the newbies, asking them to get the perfect drift along the final turn to move ahead of the front runners and win the race.

From Weazel to Weazel

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode

This race (created by cionyes) takes you through Los Santos and Banham Canyon with weapon pickups or vehicle upgrades peppered all along the course. Players are thereby encouraged to hit full throttle or open fire on their rivals in a bid to thwart competition and finish the race first.

The final rush through Banham Canyon allows gamers to choose between rockets and speed boosts as they take the final turn towards the checkered flag at Weazel Plaza.

Rush Hour

Rockstar advises gamers to choose their ride carefully as the race requires deft handling to navigate stiff twists and turns through the long tour of Los Santos highways. This race is created by YouStupidFatFuk.

As the title shows, you will be racing up against the oncoming civilian traffic of Los Santos, besides competing against 15 other race drivers in this battle of highways.

High Road

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode

High Road promises to be a "thrilling and chaotic" race from Los Santos' town centre up into the Vinewood hills through the agricultural lands of Hawick. Enjoy the beauty of nature as you pass by the Vinewood sign atop the hills to the north.

The Pad of Death

The Pad of Death is set amid Los Santos docks filled with an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives and grenades. The terrain is littered with trucks and containers for players seeking evasive cover and tactical gameplay, besides offering a death-trap for surprise attacks and melee kills as campers love this hideous place on the highway overpass.

As Rockstar Games notes, a Sniper Rifle or an RPG would be in handy to take out the dangerous campers lurking around the corners.

Horseback Hell

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode

Horseback Hell is a team deathmatch set on the Paddocks slightly off the Senora Freeway which is created by Misterbocs007, a representative of Payne Killers Public Crew. Players can respawn at the item and weapon pickup points and stay behind cover, before re-entering the firefight.

Those who survived a firefight may retreat to these cover points and stock up on ammo packs, health packs and other items just before the next round resumes. Alternatively, respawned players can capture one of the gas tanks littered around the map and fire a few volleys of grenades at the hapless enemies for some gratifying multikills.

Lodge Battle

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode

Lodge Battle brings up a "slasher flick" feel to the deathmatch, as all the action unfolds amid an abandoned lodge in a remote forest. Rockstar recommends playing this game at night with rain pouring down heavily, for maximum effect.

Set amid the locales engulfing Bayview Lodge, it provides the perfect atmosphere for a melee weapon killing spree for the purists, while conventional gamers may opt for explosive weaponry such as Grenade launchers hidden at either end of oval enclosure.

Alternatively, trigger-happy players may choose to gun down the mob from a vantage point with a fully-loaded Assault Rifle which is freely available at the epicentre of the map.


Woodbury unravels a new Team Deathmatch story of its own with due credit to its creator, RussianConcussin. The action takes place in a small town amid Blaine County Wilderness, one end of which is fortified with barriers and guarded by the conquering aggressor.

The other end of the town holds the fortress of defiant defenders and the two teams fight for territorial control and victory over the rival team. The game creator recommends that the players start the game with knives and gradually move on to more powerful weapons in the course of the game for the best gameplay experience.

Long Haul 2

GTA 5: Rockstar Adds Ten New Verified Jobs for Online Mode

Going by its name, Long Haul 2 is the longest ever race spanning about 12 minutes in the Rockstar Created or Rockstar Verified Jobs history. With endurance being the pre-requisite for winning this race, gamers will need a Cheetah, Entity XF or Adder upgraded to its limits to pass this ultimate Supercar challenge.

Other key aspects to win this race focus on the player's concentration levels, deft steering and brake-handling at top speed, as well as slipstreaming at the right moments in the game.

Rockstar encourages its loyal fans to continue their patronage towards contributing to Verified Jobs and thanks the game community for their proud Creations:

"Hey all, we hope everyone enjoys playing the new Verified Jobs as much as we did! Also, it's great to see everyone sharing their impressions of the Jobs and also sharing their own proud Creations with the community here in comments but just a friendly reminder to please not spam your Job links more than once at the Newswire (including pasting them in multiple different articles). Thanks everyone."

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]