The GTA community is abuzz with rumours of characters returning from past GTAs such as CJ and Tommy. Rockstar Games issued an official response long ago to clarify the return to its loyal fans.

According to renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross), the first story mode DLC is yet to make its way into GTA 5 with the possibility of several characters from the past GTAs such as GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas making their way into the fifth edition of the game.

Along the lines of brand new characters such as "Agent 14" featured in the GTA Online series, the GTA community is largely expecting to see some new game characters roped in from the past editions of GTA 5 such as CJ, Tommy Vercetti and Big Smoke.

Ross reiterates that Rockstar had issued an official response for the return of GTA characters way back in 2011 stating that it felt appropriate to allow radio and background characters to cross over from the 2D and 3D universes of GTA 1 to 4 to the HD or high definition universe in GTA 5.

The catch here is that it would be improbable to port a 2D character to 3D or 3D characters to the HD edition. For instance, GTA 3 to GTA 4 or GTA 3 to GTA 5 would be impossible to accomplish, as it seems technically unfeasible for a successful port, given their varying resolutions.

GTA characters are connected

In other words, all GTA characters remain connected within and across the game universes in the digital format, but without their physical entities as characters are stuck within their own dimensions.

However, the only possibility would be to port game characters from GTA 4 to GTA 5, as both these titles are based on high-definition universe with support for ultra-high resolutions.

Significantly, the character "Johnny" from GTA 4's single-player DLC – "The Lost and the Damned", has returned in GTA 5.

Besides, GTA 3's protagonist Claude makes a comeback in GTA: San Andreas as both GTA 3 and GTA: San Andreas belong to the 3D era.

Meanwhile, the GTA community is wondering why Rockstar would bring back Cris Formage of the Epsilon Program and Jock Cranley from previous games into GTA 5.

Ross clarifies that these characters were never modelled in the previous games as they remained in the form of in-game pictures and drawings or concept-art.

The Radio character Lazlow seems to be the only exception in this case, as he has made his way from 3D to HD game worlds in GTA 5.

Consequently, there is no way that any game character from previous game worlds such as GTA: Vice City, GTA 3 or GTA: San Andreas would make a comeback in GTA 5, as those games are restricted to 3D worlds.

The only exceptions would be Michelle (the FIB agent) and Johnny from The Lost MC Biker Club that could make their way from GTA 4 to GTA 5.

In other words, it means anyone like CJ, Tommy Vercetti and Big Smoke aren't going to make their return in GTA 5.