Veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has shared some exciting news regarding the highly rumoured GTA 5 Lowriders DLC Part 2 in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Recent leaks pertaining to the forthcoming Lowriders DLC have hinted at some new clothing, weapons and a set of new Lowrider cars being added with the upcoming title updates for the game.

Given the recent flurry of DLC leaks, the stage looks set for an imminent release of the second iteration for Lowriders update in GTA Online. Prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 has posted some fresh details on the GTA forums regarding the forthcoming Lowriders update.

In response to one fan query on the forums relating to Liberty City discussion thread, Funmw2 clarified that Rockstar would soon be showcasing some DLC content details for Lowriders Part 2 on its official Asked and Answered section in the Newswire, along the lines of a similar post for the recently released Ill-Gotten Gains DLC.

Although the tipster has no confirmation about when Rockstar would post the next Asked and Answered article pertaining to Lowriders DLC on the Newswire, he definitely seems to be confident of seeing it happen sometime late in January or early February.

As Ross explained, Rockstar's Asked and Answered is basically a Q&A section, which takes a sneak peek at the probable content of the forthcoming DLC in GTA Online, including some thematic screenshots, clarification on controversial topics and hints about the upcoming DLC's release timeline.

Rockstar reportedly posts two of these Asked and Answered articles every year and the last such report was posted in May 2015. If the past is any indication, the next post should appear sometime in January or February.

Responding to another fan query on the GTA forums, Funmw2 hinted that gamers may have to wait until February for the release of Lowriders DLC in GTA Online. With the recent flurry of DLC leaks and the hype surrounding the single-player Liberty City DLC, the time is ripe for Rockstar to share some titbits on the forthcoming title updates or DLCs for GTA 5 and GTA Online.