Halle Berry seems to be really scared of Robert Hoskins, Madonna's former stalker. Since his release from prison where he served a 10- year sentence, Halle Berry is freaked out as it is known that Hoskins is after her now.

Robert is believed to be highly 'psychotic' and has very violent tendencies. The LAPD told Halle that Hoskins threatened: 'I'm going to kill that b***h, I'm going to cut her throat." He had earlier tried climbing Maddona's fence and getting a gun from the security guards.

Threatened by him, Halle has taken precautions. "Halle has hired 24-hour security at her home and the LAPD has been visiting her since the escape, the police are serious about this guy because he always travels with a knife and gun," a source told the Belfast Telegraph.

The actress is already undergoing emotional torture over the custodial battle of her child, Nahla, with her ex-boyfriend,Gabriel Aubry.

Halle is looking forward to moving to Europe with her daughter.