Since Death Stranding was first unveiled at E3 2016, the mysterious upcoming game by famed creator Hideo Kojima has sparked plenty of speculation, theories and discussion. Besides two dark, bizarre trailers and cryptic details from Kojima himself, concrete details about Death Stranding regarding its plot, characters and gameplay are still unknown.

Although Death Stranding did not make an appearance at E3 this year, Kojima did speak about the game during the E3 Coliseum Q&A session with Hollywood director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and revealed that his own team did not understand the game's concept when he first explained it to them a year ago.

"Every time I think of a plan, I explain what I'm thinking for the game system," Kojima said through a translator. "The first person I explain this to is my team. For Death Stranding, I started explaining a year ago to the team what I wanted to make. No one got it!

"Because I was trying to make something new and something different. So, for me, I personally think that if people are opposed to you, then you're on the right track. That's game making for me."

Earlier this year, Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen - who is starring in the game alongside Walking Dead star Norman Reedus - also admitted that he "got lost" when Kojima explained the entire, elaborate plot of the game to him.

"But I really wanted to learn more", Mikkelsen said.

"When you're trying to make something new, even if people are opposed to you, it is your team," Kojima said. "I need my team to get it. So day in and day out, I explain and I convey what I want to make. And while we move forward and make different experiments, little by little by the team starts getting what I want to make.

"Right now what I wanted to achieve is already here and it's working. But my team, everyone is saying, 'We're geniuses!' But I'm just like, 'No, no, no, I thought of this!'"

He has previously described the game as an open-world, action game "with lots of freedom" that is "very intuitive to play".

"You have a lot of freedom of choice to do what you want to do and you can get in vehicles and so on," Kojima said earlier this year. "If you are a fighter, there's plenty of opportunity for that. If you're not that type of player, there are other ways to play this game. Once you get into the world and start to explore more, we're hoping there's something there you've never seen before."

Death Stranding will release as a console exclusive for PS4 and for PC. A release date has not yet been announced. However, Kojima has teased that it could launch in 2018.