HoloLens Project X-Ray
A screengrab from the Microsoft event live stream. Microsoft

Microsoft has shown off Project X-Ray, the latest "mixed reality" gaming demo for its augmented reality (AR) HoloLens headset. At their annual product key note they demoed the headset live with a title which will "make every room in your house a video game level".

Augmented reality lays virtual objects over real world environments, rather than virtual reality which uses entirely virtual spaces. In the case of Project X-Ray, the virtual objects are invading robots, bursting through the walls of a room and using objects within it as cover.

A special camera was used to show us everything that the on-stage user could see through the HoloLens visor. As well as the killer robots, a virtual gauntlet was laid over the user's hand and wrist, acting as a weapon. At one point in the demo said user also issued a voice command to change weapons and draw up a shield.

The tech firm also confirmed that sign-ups for $3,000 HoloLens developer kits will open in Q1 2016; a sign that the headset is still a long way from being released to the public. Interestingly they also announced that HoloLens will require no connection to a PC, and will come with no wires, indicating that it will be a standalone product.

HoloLens was announced in January 2015. In June at Microsoft's E3 press conference they demoed the technology live for the first time, showing the potential applications for the device in tandem with Minecraft.

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