A lawyer, who worked on the much-talked-about O J Simpson case in the 1990s, has revealed plans for a tell-all book on what he describes as the "trial of the century" to dismiss any suspicion surrounding the acquittal.

Amongst the many charges, Simpson was accused of murdering his estranged wife Nicole Brown and her acquaintance Ron Goldman, only to be acquitted of the charges in 1995. Almost two decades later, the disgraced former NFL star was freed on parole (in October this year) after nine years of prison time in regards to an armed robbery case.

His release, however, sparked a fresh round of public scrutiny, which now F. Lee Bailey – the attorney who was brought on Simpson's defence – hopes to dismiss with his behind-the-scenes book about the trail.

"We're not writing this to make a fortune," Bailey told The Palm Beach Post about the book idea that he and fellow investigator on the case, Pat McKenna is shopping to the publishers. "We're writing this to ram it down the public's throat until they understand what happened."

Bailey, who was disbarred in 2001 in regards to another case, earlier complained about his suffering over the wildly popular Simpson trial on the Porkins Policy Review podcast.

He said: "Never in my life have I been punished more for getting an acquittal. Lawyers and judges have remonstrated with me for prostituting my talents because, they say, I was the reason O.J. got acquitted."

The renewed interest in the Simpson case comes in light of the 70-year-old's release from the Nevada Lovelock Correctional Center on 1 October 2017. Since getting out of the prison, the former athlete has returned to Florida with hopes to reconnect with his family.

"I do have four kids. I've missed a lot of time with those kids," he said during the parole hearing.

"Right now, I'm at a point in my life where all I want to do is spend time with my children and my friends. I've done my time. I've done it as respectfully as anyone can... I've not complained for nine years... I want to get back to my kids and my family."

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The Kardashian name became famous during the murder trial of football great O.J. Simpson. Reuters