The season 2 finale of How To Get Away With Murder was painfully slow, but it ended with murder-mystery leaving room for development in season 3. The 17 March episode solved the Hapstall case as it was revealed that Caleb had murdered his parents and Philp's mother. This revelation cleared Annalise and the Keating 5 of all criminal charges.

There were a bunch of revelations in episode 15, where fans learnt why Frank killed Lila on Sam's request. Moreover, Annalise losing her child was no accident, but a well-planned move by Wallace Mahoney. In flashbacks scenes it was revealed that Frank planted a bug in Annalise's hotel room in exchange for a bag full of money.

The bug tipped Mahoney that Annalise was going to the police, he put a hit on her, leading to the car accident that killed Annalise's unborn child. Later when Frank came clean to Sam, he asked Frank to keep it a secret and said that he owed him. This is the reason why Frank killed Lila (who was pregnant with Sam's child) in season 1.

Just before the end of the episode, Annalise asked Bonnie to let Frank go and Laurel showed up in Frank's apartment which was empty. In the final moments, Wes showed up outside Mahoney's office and told him the he is his father, after which the latter was shot in the head.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

Season 3 would most likely explore whether Frank was involved in Mahoney's death out of guilt, and if that is not the case, then sure enough, Frank's whereabouts would be looked into. Executive producer Pete Nowalk spoke to Entertainment Weekly following the season 2 finale.

When asked whether Frank killed Mahoney , he said, "For sure. From what we saw, Frank was finding out that Wallace was Wes' father in the finale. Once Laurel (Karla Souza) told him, I think it was information he was getting in that moment. Say what you will why he would do that, but I think that definitely would make sense."

In season 3, Wes will not be the puppy anymore, said Nowalk. He explained, "Poor Wes. He never catches a break. His life is actually just full of tragedy. In a way, it's very similar to Annalise. Neither of them can really catch a break. He can react in many different ways. We have not written season 3, but for me, he's not the puppy anymore. He's much more mature and complicated. Maybe he'll be happy his dad is dead. Anything is possible."

Speaking about the season 3 plot, the executive producer shared, "Obviously the back half of the season, we really focused on Wes. Michaela and Laurel, I'm really interested in. Connor, we don't know much about his family either. All of them. It depends. We can't tell them all at once.

"Take this ride with us, and some characters will be really present in some episodes, and some will have to have a smaller part. That's up to us to balance it out right. What's fun for me is I'm still discovering the things about them. I almost want to get back to work right away to do that," Nowalk added.